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Don't Wait For Warm Weather, Take the Chill Off with a Patio Heater

Are you the type that loves to spend time lounging on a deck, partying on the patio, or just being outdoors in general? Do you feel forced to put off entertaining or even enjoying your patio because the weather is just still to chilly? I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and »

4 Reasons an Outdoor Patio Heater Will Benefit Your Deck or Patio

A nice outdoor space becomes an extension of your home or business, so why not enjoy it longer into the cooler months with the addition of an outdoor patio heater? Whether you are entertaining friends and family for a night on the patio or hosting an evening event at a »

The Benefits of the 3 Fuel Type Options for Patio Heaters

[Download the PDF]( Video Highlights 0:27 Propane Patio Heaters 0:33 Available Propane Model Types 0:58 Natural Gas Patio Heaters 1:32 Available Natural Gas Model Types 1:55 Electric Patio Heaters 2:07 Available Electric Model Types 2: »