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2:07 Available Electric Model Types
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2:40 Cost of Electrical Use
2:49 Cost of Natural Gas Use
3:02 Cost of Propane Use

So you have decided that you want to extend your outdoor season by heating your patio or outdoor living space. Good choice, but now you are left to figure out what fuel type patio heater should I choose? Heating with a patio heater provides a few different fuel options including propane, natural gas and electric.

I am Melissa from Northline Express and I am here to go over the different fuel options for patio heaters and help you figure out which fuel type you should choose.

Propane patio heaters are the most common and are available in free-standing, table top, wall mount, and ceiling mount units. Propane heaters offer the mobile approach to outdoor heating. They are usually portable and can be placed anywhere within the clearance measurements of the outdoor heater. Propane is an easy fuel to get and is available in areas where natural gas
may not be plumbed or available. Propane patio heaters are not meant to be used in enclosed or indoor areas.

Natural gas patio heaters are a more permanent outdoor heating option. Natural Gas, if plumbed to your desired location, is less expensive to run, never has to be refilled and is a little bit cleaner to run. Natural gas patio heaters are available in free-standing and wall and ceiling mounts. There are even units that use quick disconnects to allow the outdoor heater to be more mobile and placed in a variety of pre-determined locations. Natural gas patio heaters are not meant to be used in enclosed or indoor areas.

Electric patio heaters can be placed virtually anywhere and provide instant heat with very little warm up time. Electric heaters radiate maximum power and operate at high efficiency levels, making them economical, efficient, and effective. Outdoor patio heaters that use electricity for outdoor heating are available in table top, free-standing, and wall and ceiling mounts. Electric outdoor patio heaters can be used in garages, workshops and enclosed patio areas.

So we have covered the three main patio heater fuel types and what they are best used for now let’s talk about the second most important consideration; the cost of operating a patio heater. Depending on what fuel type your outdoor heater uses, prices will vary. Gas patio heaters are going to be a little bit more expensive than electric patio heaters. Based on the required 4000 Kilowatt hours for 40,000 BTUs the average cost of electrical usage is $1.32 per hour. Of the two gas options, natural gas is cheaper to use with outdoor patio heaters overall. Based on a 40,000 BTU rating the average cost of natural gas usage is estimated at $.48 per hour in patio heater. For propane patio heaters with the same BTU rating the cost per hour would average $1.60 to operate.

You have spent so much time creating your outdoor oasis why would you want to let chilly weather force you indoors? There’s a patio heater to suit really application no matter what fuel source you are looking to use!

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