Video Highlights
0:23 Construction Materials and Features
0:47 Firebox Dimensions
0:53 Size logs it will accept
1:02 Burn time
1:37 Feed Door
2:05 Flue Opening
2:10 Ash Dump and Drawer
2:37 Heating area
2:58 Blower included
3:19 Large flat surface on top
3:57 30 Day Trial Period

Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express and I am here enjoying not only the warmth but also the beauty of the Ponderosa Wood Stove. This stove is not only beautiful and capable of producing a large amount of heat but it is also the largest wood stove that Vogelzang creates. So if you are looking for a stove that has the power to heat your home, has a long burn time, and accepts a larger log then this is the wood stove for you.

The Ponderosa Wood Stove itself is constructed with 316T reinforced steel to make the stove nice and sturdy. They have also added attractive brushed nickel accent pieces. Then of course there is the spring handle that keeps it cool to the touch and gives it an extra little touch of a finished appearance as well.

The Ponderosa Wood Stove has a really large firebox measuring 26” deep x 18 1/2” wide. That easily allows it to accept up to 20” logs which are nice because most people do not have smaller logs cut. Another feature with the larger firebox is you are going to be able to allow more fuel to be used in your fire which is why the Ponderosa has up to a 14 hour burn time. Now if you are like I am, you heat your home primarily with wood and you may be gone for long periods of the day at work or with other activities so the longer burn time of the Ponderosa will be very beneficial in keeping your home warm while you are away.

Another great feature of the Ponderosa Wood Stove is that it has a really large cast iron feed door. So you do not have to worry about bumping in to it or burning yourself while you are feeding or tending to the fire. It also has a really nice viewing window on the front of it with ceramic glass not only is this glass going to allow it to radiate more heat out into your room but you will also get a nice view of the brilliant dancing flames inside your wood stove. If you are going to do all the work to burn with wood you may as well enjoy the view as well.

This stove has a 6” flue opening making it very easy to find the pipe needed for the venting system. The flue opening is located on the top of the Ponderosa. This allows easy installation no matter if you choose to install through the roof or through the wall.

The Ponderosa Wood Stove makes it really easy for clean-up. It has an ash dump inside of the firebox that you just simply lift out of place, let your ashes fall or push them down into it, and then there is an ash drawer underneath that you pull out to remove your ashes for disposal. The ash drawer is large enough that you could either empty it after each burn or you could let it accumulate for a couple burns before emptying it. It will just depend on your specific situation.

Now because the Ponderosa is a larger stove, I do want to recommend that you do have a larger area that you are trying to heat with this stove. The stove is capable of heating up to 2600 square feet. So if you have a smaller home I would recommend going with a smaller stove only because this stove would heat you out of your home not for any other reason.

The stove also includes a blower so you are able to use the stove just letting it radiate the heat but it does include a Whisper Quiet 150 CFM blower that you can use to blow the warm air up and over the stove and directly into the room to get a larger effect of the heat output that this wood stove can produce.

One more feature that is really nice is that the Ponderosa has a very large flat top surface. This stove has a 17 ¾” deep flat surface area which is perfect because when you are burning wood to heat your home it creates dryness in the air and this large area gives you plenty of room to place a kettle or steamer on top of the stove to help put some of that moisture back into the air.

If all of the wonderful features were not enough to convince you into purchasing the Ponderosa Wood Stove, this stove is eligible for our 30 Day Trial Period. That means we want you to take this stove home, install it, burn in it, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with it simply return it to us and we will either help you choose a different stove or we will give you a refund of your purchase cost. That is just one more reason that Northline Express is your one stop shop for all of your home heating needs.

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