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Gas Log Installation Q & A with Melissa and Ben

Download the PDF Gas log installations can get quite tricky and most homeowners have never installed one before so they usually have many questions. So since Ben did such a great job demonstrating the installation of a vented gas log set we asked him to sit down with Melissa to »

Frequently Asked Questions about Firewood

Download the PDF Firewood Q & A’s Many homeowners consider adding a wood burning appliance as their main heating source. Heating with wood is a personal preference. Choosing to heat with wood is a lifestyle choice. It takes a lot of work to prepare firewood for the burning season. »

Question & Answers: 7 Common Questions Regarding Fire Pits

Download the PDF Fire pits provide the perfect combination of heat and ambiance whether you are planning a relaxing evening using the fire pit to create a romantic glow for an outdoor dinner or an exciting night of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows with family and friends. I’m Melissa »