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Gas log installations can get quite tricky and most homeowners have never installed one before so they usually have many questions. So since Ben did such a great job demonstrating the installation of a vented gas log set we asked him to sit down with Melissa to answer a few of the most commonly asked gas log questions that customers have.

Video Highlights: 0:13 How long does gas log installation take? 0:48 Are there safety concerns when installing? 1:30 Other tips for installing gas log sets? 2:00 Is the gas log placement important? 3:19 What is the purpose of each material used? 4:04 How long will the gas logs last?

Q: How long will it take the average homeowner to install a gas log set?

A: With a match lit system it is a pretty simple install. You just connect to the gas line, place your media and logs, and then light it. So I would say an installation of a match lit system should take roughly about 30 minutes for the average homeowner. If you are installing the system with a pilot kit or remote system you will add a few more steps to the installation so it would probably take about 45 minutes to an hour. Not a bad time frame to make a great improvement to your fireplace.

Q: Are there safety concerns to consider when installing your own gas log set?

A: Definitely, we installed a damper clamp up inside the fireplace today because if you do forget to open the damper it will not endanger you right away. But realistically you should always make sure that your damper is completely open before lighting any vented gas log system also keep the damper open while the fire is going to keep the fumes left off from entering your home. Also when lighting a match lit system make sure that you have your match lit and in in place before turning the key valve to allow the gas flow. This is because if you turn on the gas before lighting the match it will build up in the firebox and when you do light the match it could cause a plume of flames to come back at you. This is something that you definitely do not want to experience when lighting your fire!

Q: What other tips can you share for installing gas log sets?

**A: **Sure, take your time and don’t be too proud to read a manual. Make sure that you follow the directions step by step exactly. Gas log companies have spent a lot of time developing them and they know the proper process to install them. Also never be afraid to ask for help! If you do not feel comfortable with the gas installation you can always call a gas professional to complete the install for you.

Q: Is the gas log placement important?

**A: **It does depend on your system. Certain kits will require a certain placement of the logs while others are not so strict with the placement. Vented gas log sets can usually be rearranged while vent-free gas log sets have a set way for the logs to be placed. It is very much like working with puzzle pieces and if you get it wrong you could be asking for trouble. So make sure that you refer to your manual to see whether or not you can move the logs around. If the gas logs are placed wrong in a vented set up you will see a little bit more soot build-up than normal. With vent-free gas logs you will notice an odor or you could have other problems so referring to your manual and the pictures provide is the best recommendation. Making sure that every log is in its right place is very important.

Q: What is the purpose of each material used?

A: In our installation we used silica sand, rock wool, and lava rocks. The silica sand will fill the burner pan completely and will distribute the gas to give the fire a 3D look. If there was no filler then we would end up with just a straight wall of flames in the middle of the gas log set. The rock wool is to add to the realistic look of the fire. Rock wool is made of fiberglass so it will not catch on fire and burn up. It gives the appearance of a glowing ember bed. The rock wool will last a long time but eventually will need to be replaced. The lava rock surrounding the grate is just to give the illusion of burnt cinders. Again we used the lava rock to add to the realistic look of the fire.

Q: How long will a gas log sets last?

**A: **A gas log set should not wear out overtime. Most good gas log manufacturers will offer a lifetime replacement warranty on their gas log systems. Do your research before making your purchase because you will definitely want to buy from a manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on their product.

Well we have now covered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding gas log sets but if you still have questions of your own please do not hesitate to contact our great Customer Service Team at 1-866-667-8454. At NorthlineExpress, Home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee, we are always happy to help.