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Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express, here with a great promotion that is not only going to save you money but keep the mosquitoes away as well. These are our Terminix All Clear Table Top and Sidekick mosquito repellers and right now, all month long in July, if you purchase either unit we are going to throw in a 2 pack of refills absolutely free! Each unit includes one refill already and we are adding in two more giving you a total of three refills with the purchase of your Terminix Table Top or Sidekick mosquito repeller.

Each of these units is going to provide you a 15’ x 15’ area of coverage. They work great at repelling mosquitoes, but they are also great for repelling black flies and midges as well. The units essentially are the same thing but are just designed for different uses.

The table top repeller is great for using while sitting on your patio, taking along on your boat, camping trips, or alongside you while you’re gardening. It’s great for anywhere you are able to set it down and you’re not mobile so you are within the 15’ mosquito and fly free zone.

The sidekick mosquito repeller is for those of you who are more active. It’s perfect for hiking and walks because it is able to provide portable and hands free mosquito relief! Both the Terminix Table top and the Sidekick mosquito repellent earn my thumbs up because they are a mosquito repellent that you do not have to spray on yourself!

You can turn both units on and off at will without having to change the refill each time that you turn the unit off. Each refill will provide you with up to 18 hours of protection. Both products are great mosquito repellers, they work very effectively. I have personally used both of them.

This promotion is going to be good for the whole month of July. That time is going to fly by so make sure that you get your free refills before it is too late! It is another great promotion from NorthlineExpress.com, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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