When burning in a wood stove it is important to be prepared and have all of the accessories that you need to keep the experience as easy as possible without spending a ton of money on unnecessary items. Here at NorthlineExpress we have many employees who are avid wood stove users, after all we are located in Northern Michigan. So we have put together a list of the top 9 wood stove accessories to keep in your home when heating with a wood stove.

Long Armed Fireplace Gloves

Fireplace gloves are not only for use with a fireplace the long armed versions are great for tending to your wood stove. They help to protect your arms when placing logs into the firebox so that you do not accidentally bump your arm on the hot metal. Even that small burn from a quick bump on the hot cast iron or steel hurts like the dickens and leaves a good sore for a length of time.

Using the fireplace gloves will also allow you to reach into the hot firebox to place the log where you want it without your hand getting too hot. If a hot ember pops out of the firebox it is no problem to quickly scoop it up and get it back into the firebox with these fireplace gloves. Always be prepared with the best protection.

Firewood Carrier Tote

Stop leaving a trail of bark and debris from the door all the way to the wood stove! Using a firewood carrier or tote will help keep the mess contained and still allow you to bring in about an armloads amount of wood. There are also some great apron style carriers that are a back saver for sure. No matter the carrier type that you choose it will be a great investment.

A Hearth Rack

Limit the number of trips that you have to make to the outdoor wood pile by having a wood rack on the hearth indoors. A hearth rack will allow you to keep a good supply of firewood neatly stacked near the wood stove.

There are even hearth racks that come with a firewood carrier so you get a 2 for 1 with those models. Another type of hearth rack are the ones that include a tool set and storage for fire starters so you have everything in one location and the area around the wood stove does not become too cluttered.

Steamer and Trivet

Heating your home with a wood stove is going to dry out the air inside your home because wood heat is very dry. To add humidity back into the air it is a good idea to place a steamer on top of a wood stove. You do not want to place it directly onto the cast iron or steel surface of your wood stove, instead place a trivet underneath of it. This will help to prevent moisture from becoming trapped under the steamer and causing an unsightly rust ring on your wood stove.

You can also use the steamer as a source to add a wonderful fragrance to your home. Add a few drops of fragrant oil to the water and let it go. It works much like boiling water and herbs on your cook stove or in a potpourri burner.

Tool Set

Operating a wood stove in your home is a messy job and there is no way to eliminate the mess completely. However you can arm yourself with a great set of tools to clean up the wood stove mess. Most tool sets come with a shovel or scoop, a small broom, a poker, a pair of tongs, and a stand that holds all of the tools.

Many of today’s wood stoves have an ash dump drawer but you are still going to have to scoop some of the ash that is left around the walls of the firebox. Not to mention sometimes the ash misses the drawer tray so you will have to scoop those up or sweep them out. The tongs will come in handy for moving wood around the firebox and placing it where you want it and the poker is also good for positioning logs or stoking to coals.

Indoor Ash Bucket

Now you are going to need something to put the ashes in when you clean them out of your wood stove and it needs to be something that will withstand heat. An ash bucket is designed just for that job. It will withstand the few hot embers that make it in the bucket when scooping the ashes out. Most coal hods or ash buckets are constructed of steel or galvanized steel.

An ash bucket or coal hod will also give your wood stove a traditional appearance. Many homeowners will place it on the hearth and use it to store their kindling or fire starters until it is needed for the cleanings.

Outdoor Ash Storage

Once you have removed the ash from the wood stove what do you do with it? That is a question that many homeowners have. Well I have a suggestion for you…store it in an outdoor galvanized steel trash can. Wood stove ashes are great to use for getting traction on an icy driveway in the winter or fertilizer for the garden in the spring and summer.

There is no sense in just dumping the wood stove ashes somewhere and not utilizing them. Not to mention that it could be hazardous to just dump hot ashes on the ground. It could possibly start a fire if there is dry grass or leaves where it is being dumped.

Wood Stove Thermometer

Keep your wood stove burning at an optimal range by monitoring its temperature with a wood stove thermometer. Place a wood stove thermometer on the stove top, door, or flue pipe to show at a glance if the stove is operating within an efficient burning range. This will also show you if your method of starting a fire is efficient because you want to reach optimal burning as quickly as possible to keep creosote build-up to a minimum. Having a wood stove thermometer will help you do just that.

Glass Cleaner

When you purchase a wood stove with a glass door it is usually because you want to be able to enjoy the view of the fire inside. How are you able to do this when there is soot build-up on the glass and it is difficult to get off? Well, there is glass cleaner made especially for cutting through the soot build-up. Stove Bright offers a glass cleaner that sprays on and just wipes off so that you can still enjoy that beautiful fire.

I hope that you have found this list of top wood stove accessories helpful but if you still have questions regarding what you might need for a wood stove please give our customer service department a call at 1-866-667-8454. Here at NorthlineExpress, home of the Buy and Try Satisfaction Guarantee, we are always happy to help.