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Fragrance your Home without Adding Chemicals to the Air

Having a steamer or kettle on your wood stove during the winter is a great way to replace the moisture in the air that the wood stove depletes. But it also is a great way to add a beautiful smelling fragrance to your home. Not to mention you can fragrance »

Top 9 Wood Stove Accessories Every Home Should Have

When burning in a wood stove it is important to be prepared and have all of the accessories that you need to keep the experience as easy as possible without spending a ton of money on unnecessary items. Here at NorthlineExpress we have many employees who are avid wood stove »

Spice up your Kettle or Steamer with a fragrance from StoveScents

Video Highlights: 0:13 StoveScents 0:16 Available scents 0:53 How to use StoveScents Kettles and steamers are a great accessory for anyone with a wood stove; they add moisture into your homes air keeping it comfortable. Did you know that your steamer could be adding a wonderful scent »

John Wright Large Black Filigree Steamer

Video Highlights 0:10 Why do I need a Steamer? 0:33 How do You use it? 1:06 What is the construction? 1:30 Another Use for your Filigree Steamer Hi I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am here with our John Wright 3 Quart Cast Iron Filigree »