Video Highlights: 0:08 Purpose 0:16 The Top of the Steamer 0:27 Capacity 0:58 Steamer Dimensions 1:12 Construction Materials 1:26 Importance of the porcelain finish 1:33 If you have hard water in your home 1:44 What to add for fragrance

Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am here with our John Wright Acorn Steamer in the beautiful forest green color. This steamer is not only going to provide the important humidity that you need when you are using your wood stove on a regular basis but it is has charm and good looks as well. The top of the steamer has an intricate design featuring pine cones, leaves, acorns, and pine needles. Making this a perfect fit for a cabin setting but it will also compliment any décor.

This steamer has a 3 quart capacity which is nice because it means it is going to a significant amount of water. Depending on how much and how hot you burn your wood stove this steamer could potentially hold enough water to get you through a whole day without having to add water as often. When having to add water to this steamer it is a simple task with the intricate design of the lid. The lid has openings that allow you to check and refill the water level very easily. Instead of having to remove the steamer from your stove to refill it with water you can simply add water through the openings.

The steamer itself is 8 1/2’’ high x 11 1/2’’ wide x 6 ½’’ deep. So it is a nice size steamer. Before purchasing a steamer you will want to make sure that you have enough room on the ledge of your wood stove for it to fit nicely. Being that this steamer is constructed of cast iron it is a heavy product so you do not want it teetering on the edges of the wood stove where it could fall off. It features a durable green porcelain enamel finish on the outside of the base and lid and on the inside of it has a black porcelain enamel finish. The porcelain finish is more important than just for good looks it also helps prevent the steamer from rusting due to use of the steamer.

If you have hard water in your home we recommend using distilled water in the steamer to prevent the buildup of residue being left behind as the water evaporates out. Another nice aspect of using a steamer is that you can add fragrance oils, fresh mint leaves, or cinnamon sticks to the water that to give a fresh scent to your home while adding the moisture that is depleted by burning with a wood stove.

The John Wright Forest Green Acorn Steamer is another great product offered by NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee and do not forget that we are also your one stop shop for all of your hearth accessories.

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