Video Highlights:
0:14 Estimated chimney fires in the US annually
0:34 Introducing Chimfex Fire Suppressant
0:57 The way it works
1:07 Extensively tested
1:18 Proving the effectiveness
2:01 To activate
2:37 For a wood stove chimney fire
2:57 For use with a Traditional Fireplace with no doors

Enjoying a fire in your homes fireplace or wood stove has long been enjoyed by families, in fact most fireplaces and wood stoves are the focal point in a home. That peaceful evening at home around the fire can quickly become a horrific event with a chimney fire. Its estimated that on an annual basis there are over 16,000 chimney fires in the united states. Those numbers sound like they may just be scare tactics but even with the knowledge of chimney fires and meticulous chimney cleanings we have had 3 different employees experience chimney fires, one being a total loss of the home.

I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress here to introduce you to the one proven, inexpensive, and safe way to battle a chimney fire, Chimfex Fire Suppressant. It is a quick effective alternative to traditional firefighting using water. Water damage associated with chimney fires can also cause extensive and expensive damage to your home.

Today I would like to show a demonstration of the use of Chimfex Fire Suppressant Stick, which can potentially save your home and family from the terrors of a chimney fire.

The way that Chimfex works it that the smoke and particle emitted from it displace the oxygen in the flue, thus suffocating the chimney fire and lowering the temperatures with in the chimney flue. Chimfex has been extensively tested for both use in wood stoves and open fireplaces by OMNI Environmental Services Incorporated, a lab used by the chimney safety institute of America, to prove the effectiveness of Chimfex Fire Suppressant in chimney fires simulated to mimic a typical chimney fire. In one study the flue temperature during the chimney fire reached 1200 degrees F. at the height of the chimney fire. A single Chimfex Fire Suppressant was used to extinguish the fire. The chimney fire was extinguished in about 22 seconds and the temperature with in the flue dropped 53% in 2 minutes. Each chimney fire situation will be unique but that OMNI Lab data does prove that Chimfex is capable of safely, quickly, and effectively extinguishing a chimney fire when used correctly.

I highly recommend whether you are using your fireplace or wood stove on a regular basis or once in a while that you keep chimfex on hand and familiarize yourself with using the product before an emergency situation ever prevents itself.

To activate a Chimfex Fire Suppressant stick first remove the black top from the white cap to expose the scratch surface on the cap. Then twist and remove the white cap from the Chimfex exposing the black igniter button. Face the Chimfex away from yourself lightly strike the scratch surface on the igniter button on the head of the Chimfex, just like striking a match. Once lit quickly toss it into your fire. It will be emitting particles and smoke that should avoid being inhaled. You will want to starve the fire of oxygen so it is vital that whether you have a fireplace or wood stove you are denying the fire fresh oxygenated air once the Chimfex has been activated.

For a wood stove chimney fire place the activated Chimfex Fire Suppressant in the fire box alongside of the fire not directly in it, close the door and all air inlet controls except the flue. In a traditional fireplace with doors follow the same guidelines as for a wood stove. In a traditional fireplace without doors you will want to have a piece of flame resistant fabric or pre-cut fire board to cover the fireplace opening. You can use tape to hold this in place.

If you do have a chimney fire the first thing that you should do is call the fire department and then reach for your Chimfex Fire Suppressant. The quicker fireman can be on site the better, is effective but should never replace having a fire department called during a chimney fire.

Chimney fires are dangerous, so make sure you’re prepared in the event you have one. Protect your home and your family by using Chimfex, the product that’s used by homeowners, professional firefighters and chimney sweeps nationwide! It is another great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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