Wood burners know the struggle that is disposing of wood ashes. During the heating season it is a never ending circle! There are large amounts of ash that get accumulated just during one burning season.

Having an ash storage container on the hearth or next to your wood stove is practical. But you should also have an outside storage container that can handle storing large amounts of ash such as a galvanized garbage can.

Storing of the ash is not going to help get rid of it though! You have to find different ways to use the ash so it is not just taking up space by sitting in containers around your yard. I have done some looking around and here are a few recommended uses for wood ashes that I have come across.


What to do with Stock Piles of Usable Wood Ashes

  • Traction – Keep a container of cooled ashes in the trunk of your car so if you get struck on some ice you can use the ashes to gain traction on the ice or snow packed driveway.
  • Clean Glass Doors – Dip a damp cloth or sponge into the ash inside the storage container and use it to scrub away the residue that builds on the glass doors of fireplace or wood stove doors.
  • Deodorize Pets – Take a handful of wood ash and rub it on the dog, working it through its coat to eliminate the stinkiest of odors. Sprinkle the ash on top of the kitty litter to keep the smell down.
  • Repel Lice, Ticks, and Fleas - Mix ashes with vinegar and spread over your pet’s fur coat. It does not smell the finest but it will help to keep the pests from chewing on your pets.
  • **Enhance Compost ** – This will be the best way to get rid of a good amount of the ash at one time. Mix the ash in with the compost before applying it to the soil. The ash will add nutrients to the compost that plants need but if you add too much it will ruin the compost.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this article. I would like to hear from any you that have other uses for your wood ashes.