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Keep the Dust Down with a Handy Helper Ash Scoop

Do you love to warm up next to a wood fire but hate to clean up the mess it leaves behind? That is usually the only complaint that most wood burners have is cleaning up the ashes that are left behind. Cleaning out the ash with a shovel and bucket »

Should You Remove Wood Ash Completely After Each Burn?

As a wood burner you know well that burning wood leaves behind ashes. The type of wood that you burn is directly related to the amounts of wood ash that you will be left with, but there will always be ashes remaining with a wood fire. There has been a »

5 Ways to Use Fireplace Ashes Around Your Home

Wood burners know the struggle that is disposing of wood ashes. During the heating season it is a never ending circle! There are large amounts of ash that get accumulated just during one burning season. Having an ash storage container on the hearth or next to your wood stove is »

Cleaning a Chimney Using the Brush and Rod Bottom Up Method

Download the PDF The Bottom Up Brush & Rod Chimney Cleaning Method is very similar to the Top Down method just a little safer. You will not have to climb up on top of your roof, so this method is great for the homeowner who is not so fond of »

7 Must Haves to Keep On Hand for Your Wood Burning Appliance

Download the PDF Wood Burning Must Haves Just like any other thing in your life you want to make sure that you are prepared with everything that you may need so that the experience is the best that it can be. Having a wood stove or wood burning fireplace is »

The Cougar Quiet Ash Vacuum Is Designed For Safety

If you are sick of dealing with messy ashes and the dust they create when you clean out your fireplace or wood stove then the LoveLess Ash Cougar Quiet Ash Vacuum Is exactly what you need. For about 20 years now people have trusted the quality of the Love-Less Ash »

Loveless Ash Vacuums Make Cleaning Up Wood Ash A Snap

Are you sick of cleaning out your fireplace because you just end up with ashes everywhere? Using an ash bucket and shovel is a common way to remove ashes but is definitely not a dustless way. Would it not be nice if you could just vacuum out your stove or »