Do you love to warm up next to a wood fire but hate to clean up the mess it leaves behind? That is usually the only complaint that most wood burners have is cleaning up the ashes that are left behind. Cleaning out the ash with a shovel and bucket can create a bigger mess because of the dust. Every time that you dump the ashes into the bucket you will let off a plumb of dust into the air. Keep that dust cloud contained by using an Ash Scoop from Handy Helpers!

Keep the Dust Down with an Ash Scoop

With the Handy Helper Ash Scoop you can capture the ash from your wood burning stove/insert completely dust free. The Ash Scoop combines a shovel and bucket into an all in one type of tool. It is a faster safer cleaning process with no mess. Scoop the ash up containing it all inside the Ash Scoop unit. No worries about dropping the ash on the floor or hearth area when transferring it to a container. You can scoop the ash and take it right outside to dump it in a compost pile or outside storage container.

Not only is the tool functionally great but its construction is top notch as well. It has fully welded seams for durability and a smooth bevel fluted handle for ease and comfort. The 10″ wide pivoting handle makes carrying comfortable. The 6″ high by 8″ wide by 22″ long ash container holds a large amount of ash to help reduce trips. The ash container is made of 304 grade stainless steel and has a hinged lid to help eliminate airborne ash particles. The beveled opening allows the capture of the maximum amount of ash. To top off this already great product it is made right here in the USA.

This product is the simplest thing to use! There are three very easy steps to follow when using the Ash Scoop.

  1. Use the Ash Scoop to scoop ashes from your stove
  2. Close the lid prior to pulling the Ash Scoop from the stove.(This prevents any ash dust from going into the air)
  3. Transport the Ash Scoop to your disposal area/container and dump.