With the middle of December comes the never-ending stress and anxiety over holiday shopping. It's getting to the nitty-gritty now with only days before Christmas, and some people are just hard to buy for! But don't fret - Northline Express has countless unique and clever ideas for those last minute gifts!

Holiday Gift Baskets

Did you know that Northline Express carries 70 different gift baskets? From children's craft supply baskets to adult romance baskets, we carry something for everyone!

Some baskets are filled with tasty snacks and delicacies, all expertly paired to impress! Like this Golden Gatherings basket - packed with Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolates, bon bon candies, Camembert cheese spread, California pistachios, and sliced summer sausage among other treats for a rich flavor explosion.

Golden Gatherings Holiday Gift Basket
<p>Graceful and stylish, the Golden Gatherings Gift Basket is filled to the brim with lavish treats. Come to the EnglishTeaStore.com and check out all of our great gift baskets, tea, candy, chocolates, and biscuits imported from England.</p>

We also carry baskets with high quality home goods, like this Essence of Lavender Spa Gift Basket. This spa basket will make any woman's eyes light up! It includes lotion, body scrub, a foot massager, candles, and much more... all in the soothing scent of lavender for a luxurious spa experience - at home!

The Essence of Lavender Spa Gift Basket
<p>Send her an indulgent spa experience right at home with the Essence of Lavender Spa Gift Basket featuring all Lavender products. Come and see all of our Women’s Gifts as well as gift baskets for any occasion.</p>

Rainbow Flames

Give the gift of entertainment! Northline Express carries several products that, when added to a burning fire, produce beautiful colored flames. These Rainbow Flame Crystals make your fire burn a gorgeous blue/green for up to 40 minutes. What's better? This 16 oz tub of crystals can give you 20-30 applications! Note that this product is to be used in a wood fire only.

Rainbow Flame Crystals - 16 oz.
Rainbow Flame Crystals - 16 oz. - All the fireplace knick knack, ornaments, decor, and accessories you will need are here. - NorthlineExpress.com

This 2.5 pound bag of Color Cones is sure to delight! Color Cones consist of pinion, loblolly, Douglas fir, and sand pine cones coated in crystals to produce a dazzling blue/green fire. Simply toss a cone into a well-burning wood fire and watch the magic happen! Perfect for entertaining over the holidays! Check out the short video below to see Color Cones at work.

2.5 lb. Color Cones
2.5 lb. Color Cones- Give one of our great fireplace and hearth pine cone unique gift baskets for Christmas, holidays, or house warmings. - NorthlineExpress.com

Don't get discouraged over your last minute holiday shopping! Northline Express is here to help. Check out our vast selection of products and we guarantee you'll find what you're looking for!

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