He has finally popped the question and so now the planning is to begin. I am sure the bride-to-be has been dreaming and planning their special day out in her head for quite some time now, being consumed with ironing out details for the perfect venue, dresses, decorations, and much, much more! You both want your day to be absolutely perfect and cover all details for the important day.

However, there is one thing that quite often gets overlooked that can ruin the celebrations and that is Mosquitoes. Whether you are just having a small patio area available for guests or hosting your entire wedding and reception party outdoors mosquitoes will be a factor with having a beautiful summer wedding.

Well don’t let buzzing, biting mosquitoes ruin your special day. Make sure that all of your guests will be comfortable long into the celebrating and that even means keeping the mosquitoes away. No one appreciates smacking away pesky mosquitoes during what is supposed to be a joyous occasion! Here are some tips on how to incorporate Mosquito Control into planning for your wedding!

Eliminate the Source

Choosing the perfect venue is so important for the big day, it sets the basis for the whole experience. However this is also the most crucial factor when considering the mosquito potential. Take a close look at the venue checking for standing water sources where mosquitoes can breed. Ponds, birdbaths, flower pots, and anything that hold water are all potential mosquito breeding grounds. While large water features add a beautiful element to any venue it will also add the annoyance of pesky insects. Make sure to ask the venue if they treat their water sources with a larvacide to kill off the mosquito larvae.

Draw Mosquitoes Away

Create a “No Fly Zone” with placement of a mosquito trap. A mosquito trap will attack mosquitoes to the trap and away from the designated area. Once the mosquitoes get close enough the trap will suck them up, trapping them inside where they will eventually die. Placement of a mosquito trap will need to be done approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. It usually takes about that long to interrupt the breeding process and cut down the number of mosquitoes in the area. Each mosquito trap is different but works on the same basic concept. To determine which trap is right for you and your area compare and research is key.

Hidden in the Wedding Decorations

Keep protecting your guests long into the evening while creating a beautiful display. Not all mosquito control products are hideous with an awful smell. ThermaCell offers repelling outdoor lanterns that are not an eye sore at all. They can be dressed up very nicely to accentuate wedding décor. There is no strong awful odor and they provide a very nice flickering light. There are so many possibilities to incorporate these lanterns into your décor. You can hang them down the aisles, build your centerpieces around them, or hang them from the ceiling to offer subtle lighting and great protection. Guests will be oblivious to the fact that they are even being protected from the bite of mosquitoes because the display is so beautiful.

What NOT to Wear

Take the colors of your wedding into careful consideration when planning! Most brides wear white or a light cream which is a perfect color choice to avoid being attacked by mosquitoes. Most of the times even the bridesmaids dresses are not a concern because they tend to be a lighter color for weddings that are held during the summer months. It has been documented in different studies that mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors especially blue and blacks. So, spare the groom from being a mosquito magnet and opt for the more casual approach with a vest and tie or if you are going more formal replace the black tuxedo jacket with a white jacket. I am positive the groomsmen would be appreciative as well.

Ensure that your wedding is the most memorable and joyous occasion as possible, leaving no detail overlooked. Protect yourself and your guests from itchy mosquito bites as well as the dangers of mosquito borne diseases.

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Vow against Mosquitoes:

  • Mosquitoes, you are the most annoying insect on the planet! Just the noise you make is enough to drive one crazy not to mention you leave itchy red bites behind. The thought of you makes me want to climb up the wall. I pledge to do my part in eliminating you. I will remove any standing water sources from the property; treat the ones that I do not want to remove so no spawns will ever grow. Mosquito traps will be placed around my home to trick and kill you. I promise to keep you away from myself and the ones I love with the best mosquito repellents. Without you we will enjoy our evenings outdoors entertaining and relaxing with each other. I will continue the fight as long as we both shall live!*