Thinking about your patio and giving it a new look? Or are you getting ready to create a new outdoor living space? There are so many things that are considered must have items for patios to be complete. Don’t let it get too complicated; what you should really be after is a patio that functions while making you happy! I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and today I will cover the 5 Patio Essentials that will complete your patio and turn it into the new favorite gathering place!


Start by making sure that you have comfortable seating, and enough of it. Consider the sizes of the gatherings that you plan on having or the size of your family, you do not want to have anyone left standing. Another common mistake with patio furniture is that people purchase it base on looks alone. While the look or style that you are trying to achieve is important also make sure that you are paying attention to the comfort factor and quality of the materials. A great option for furniture is Breezesta Furniture. It is made with Poly Lumber so it can withstand the elements, but still has a comfort factor that will amaze you!

After you select your patio seating next it is time to create a focal point. I would highly suggest creating a focal point that is a fire feature! Whether you choose a fire bowl or a fire pit table you are sure to find your guests gathered around the fire. Another benefit of a fire pit is the versatility, because they range in fuel types and sizes you can choose to have a fire pit that serves as table top ambient lighting, or lager fire pits for warmth to continue your outdoor gatherings after the sunsets. Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing by sitting around a fire after a long day?

You can create the perfect patio space but if it gets too much sun you may find yourself and guests unable to enjoy it. Having adequate shade can be achieved by adding a garden canopy or an umbrella or shade sail for a mobile less permanent solution. Adding a shade source to your outdoor living area is sure to turn it into a refreshing area that your guest and whole family can enjoy any time of the day.

Usually if you are entertaining or spending a lot of time outdoors you are going to need to cook outdoors so you want to make sure that you are prepared. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your outdoor space will add convenience but also help cut down on the traffic of your guests in and out of your home. Who wants to walk in side every time you want a drink? Also having a small built in refrigerator near your grill will allow you to have all of your food prepared and ready for the grill, without all the trips. Outdoor kitchens can range from small islands with a grill and a fridge to the whole shebang with a bar, sink, fridge, and warming drawers. The fun part of building an outdoor kitchen is it is all up to you and each one is unique!

Once you have your perfect oasis set up and you’re comfortable, it’s shaded, you grabbed a drink from the outdoor fridge and you think “Ah what could go wrong?” Mosquitoes, that’s what. These fun suckers love when you entertain outside or just lounge outside because they can feed on you. Make sure that you are thinking about mosquito control so that you and your guests are not chased back indoors. Mosquito control can range from mosquito traps to natural mosquito repellents but there is definitely an option for every outdoor situation.

I hope that you found the Patio Essentials information helpful. Just remember the more comfortable you make your patio or outdoor living area the more time you will spend enjoying it, you may even notice your neighbors, friends, and family stopping by more often so they can enjoy it too! If you need further assistance we are more than happy to help just give our Customer Service Department a call at 1-866-667-8454.