When the weather warms up entertaining friends and family naturally heads outdoors. Trying to entertain guests and keep an eye on the meal can be a stressful job for the host. Do not let that stress ruin your time with family and friends. Make your outdoor entertaining space as comfortable and efficient as possible so you may enjoy it along with all of your guests.

Make sure you are prepared

When you know you will be having guests over be prepared. Have all of your dinnerware and linens laid out on the table, drinks on hand, and also be prepared for any type of weather. Preparation will cut down on the stress of looking for items that you need while guests are present. I would suggest being prepared for surprise dinner guests by having all of your outdoor entertaining items in one convenient spot in your outdoor entertaining space so you know right where to go.

Avoid Running Out of Seating

When you do not have enough outdoor seating for your guests there is always that constant worry about whether your guests are enjoying themselves or are they going to complain that you were the worst host ever. Have a dining set that is right for your outdoor entertaining space is important. You do not want something so small that it is not enough but you also do not want a dining set that is disproportionate to your outdoor entertaining space. If you do not feel that your dining set is adequate no worries, include a picnic table or two near your dining set to extend the space.

Have Ample Cooking Space

It is never fun when your guests have to eat in shifts or when parts of the meal are done before others and when you finally get to sit down to eat your food is cold! Equip your outdoor entertaining space with a versatile outdoor grill that has a good amount of grilling space but also includes a burner or warming tray. This will allow you to cook different types of foods outdoors and keep dishes warm while waiting for the rest of the meal to finish.

Adding a pizza oven to your outdoor entertaining space can also expand the range of foods you are able to cook outdoors. A gas pizza oven is just like having a traditional kitchen oven outside just a bit smaller but if you are looking for a smokier outdoors flavor the wood fired pizza oven is for you. You can cook many different foods in a pizza oven like breads, deserts, and much more.

Make Sure to Stay Warm

Just when you and your guests have finished the meal and are relaxing with great conversation the temperature begins to drop which could chase everyone indoors. This is no problem if you do not mind dirty shoes tracking into your home or dealing with everyone being crowded into one room so you all can continue to visit or children becoming bored! Instead enjoy the wonderful heat a fire pit can give off. There are many options to choose from that will fit perfectly in your outdoor entertaining space! Try out a wood burning fire pit, a gas fire pit, or even a fire pit table for your deck or patio!

Don’t want to deal with the trouble of an open flame? Then give a patio heater a shot! Patio heaters are great to heat small or large spaces. Most have safety features that make use around children or pets completely safe. Patio heaters come in various types like wall mount, table top, stand alone, or ceiling mount models. You can even choose from natural gas, propane, or electric for your fuel type!

Don’t Forget the Shade

Create a shady spot for family and friends to relax in your outdoor entertaining space and then there are no worries about that bright sun blinding your guests or beating down on you! If you are entertaining on your deck or small patio put up an umbrella or a shade sail. Umbrellas are portable and can be moved where they need to be placed with little hassle. Shade sails are more of a stationary option as they are installed using a pole or hardware on your home, however they are available in many sizes and can be layer for a custom installation.

If you are outdoor entertaining space is a large open area a garden canopy or shade canopy would be a great option. There are many sizes to choose from. Still need more coverage from the sun, put up an event tent. Event tents will accommodate an extremely large number of guests and give coverage for food tables or dance floors.

Protect Your Outdoor Entertaining Space from Pests

Don’t keep swatting those nasty blood suckers away while you are trying to enjoy yourself. Use a mosquito trap to draw mosquitoes away from your outdoor entertaining space. Mosquito Traps are great long term mosquito control solution for mosquito control. Mosquito Traps use attractants to lure mosquitoes to the trap where they are then sucked into the trap and dehydrate, causing them to die. If you put a mosquito trap out early in the season it is possible to control the mosquito population in your area before it ever gets out of control.
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