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Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and today I am here to talk to you about how to kill mosquito larvae. This is an important part in the Mosquito Control process because it is actually a way you can prevent your mosquito problem before it even starts. If you kill the mosquito larvae they are not going to be able to mature into adult biting pests.

So let me tell you something that you may not know about mosquitoes. For starters, mosquitoes breed in water. They do not need a lot of water to breed either, as little as 2 tablespoons is enough water for a mosquito to lay thousands of eggs. A female mosquito can lay that many eggs in just a month’s time.

The first step that you need to do is evaluate your property or area that you want to deplete the mosquito’s presence from. Check for any source of standing water, remove the sources that you can such as old tires, buckets, etc., and then treat the standing water sources that you cannot remove like ponds, water features, low spots in your yard, or ditches. If the water is non-flowing and is just standing stagnant this is the perfect environment for mosquito larvae to thrive.

Treating standing water sources is a simple but necessary task. I have 3 bio-friendly products that I would like to recommend to you today.

All-Natural Mosquito Barrier

First let’s talk about the All-Natural Mosquito Barrier. Mosquito Barrier is my favorite product and it is one that I would not go a summer without using. This product has multiple purposes when it comes to mosquito control. You can use it mixed with Canola oil, Vegetable oil, or Neem oil and a small amount of liquid Ivory soap for treating standing water sources. Mixing the concentrate this way allows it to float on the water’s surface blocking off the mosquito larvae’s air supply. You can also use Mosquito Barrier diluted with water in a pressure sprayer to treat your whole yard. It will kill adult mosquitoes on contact and also deter surrounding mosquitoes from entering the treated zone for up to 2-4 weeks. Mosquito Barrier can also remain effective through up to 3 moderate rain showers. This wonderful product is 100% all natural made of concentrated garlic juice making it safe to use around your pets, your family, and your plants as well.

Mosquito Dunks

If you have large areas of water such as a pond or water feature that you can’t or do not want to remove, I would recommend using Mosquito Dunks for treatment. Mosquito Dunks are effective for 30 days or longer while floating on top of the water. They will eliminate mosquito larvae by the biological mosquito larvacide in them settling into the water and the mosquito larvae feeding on it. You can break the Mosquito Dunks into halves or quarters to treat smaller areas like a bird bath. If you have a larger pond you can use multiple Mosquito Dunks as well. These Mosquito Dunks are also great for treating low areas in your yard or a ditch that pools rain water for a few days but then dries up. The reason these are so good for that is because Mosquito Dunks work while they are wet but if the area dries up there is no reason to retreat, the dunk will just start working once it rains again.

Mosquito Bits

There is also Mosquito Bits; these are just like the Mosquito Dunks containing the same biological mosquito larvacide ingredients just in more of a pellet size. It works the exact same way as the dunks. The Mosquito Bits are just for treating smaller size standing water sources. It is safe to use around your plants, gardens, or water source. It will not hurt fish in your pond or any other animals that do drink the water. It will only affect the mosquito larvae in the water that are trying to mature into the nasty biting adult mosquitoes that we all despise. The bits are convenient for treating areas that you may not have “standing” water but you have frequent water. Remember it only take 2 tablespoons of water for a mosquito to lay their eggs in. Sprinkle the bits along flower beds, in smaller flower pots, bird baths, etc.

The Mosquito Barrier, Mosquito Dunks, and the Mosquito Bits are all effective biological mosquito larvacide products that will rid your water sources of mosquito larvae. Eliminating the source will stop your mosquito problem before it begins. Don’t let the mosquito larvae mature into adult mosquitoes and then try to fight the problem. Get a jump on it now!

I hope you found this information helpful, however if you still have questions about Mosquito Control and getting rid of mosquito larvae give our Customer Service Department a call at 1-866-667-8454. At NorthlineExpress we are always happy to help!