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Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying, they also spread diseases. Mosquitoes have even been called one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress here to tell you how you can defeat these dangerous and annoying insects without chemicals applied to your body or your lawn.

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Mosquitoes have been thought to be hard to get rid of and that is because they do not need much to survive. They only require as little as two table spoons of water to lay hundreds of eggs. They also are not picky about where that water is so people often times cerate the perfect mosquito breeding grounds by having garden ponds and sources of water in their yards. Mosquitos are also becoming resistant to commonly used insecticides, like pyrethroids.

You can still get powerful mosquito control without insecticides with Mosquito Barrier. This is an all-natural product that contains only super concentrated garlic juice. In fact, just one spraying of Mosquito Barrier will keep mosquitoes out of your yard and away from your home, 24 hours a day for nearly a month.

The reason that mosquito barrier is so effective in because mosquitoes are soft-bodied insects the garlic juice can be very toxic to them in increased concentrations. So applying the barrier to your yard will kill any adult mosquitoes that are in the area that you apply it too. The mosquitoes also smell the garlic odor long after we cannot any more, and that will repel other mosquitoes from coming around. You can also use garlic barrier to kill mosquito larvae as well. When mixed with canola and water it will any standing water that you apply it to with a very thin film of natural oil. This oil suffocates the mosquito larvae.

Unlike harmful chemicals, Mosquito Barrier is a natural insect repellent that doesn’t kill bees or butterflies and is completely safe for children, fish, birds, dogs, cats and other pets. It’s also effective at keeping fleas and ticks away as well!

Right now we have a great promotion going on. If you purchase a gallon of mosquito Barrier we are going to give you an extra quart absolutely free. That will be enough Mosquito Barrier to cover up to 6.25 acres! The promotion only lasts until July 4th, so don’t miss out on this great deal. It’s another great promotion from NorthlineExpress, home of the buy and try satisfaction guarantee.