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If cost is no object when it comes to getting a great tasting pizza why not try your hand at making your own pizza at home in the Rustic Wood Fired Oven. These wood fired ovens will have you wondering why you ever even bothered with delivery!

Rustic Wood Fired Ovens are perfect for any cooking enthusiast and are safe for the whole family. With this wood fired oven pizza is not your only option! You can cook roasts, casseroles, grilled food, and even bake great tasting breads. It’s definitely a unique backyard cooking experience that will wow all your friends and neighbors.

Video Highlights 0:11 Assembly 0:25 Insulated Dome Feature 0:53 Oven Capacity 0:59 Stainless Steel Pizza Peel 1:03 Cooking a Pizza in the Wood Fired Oven 2:34 Removing the Pizza

About the Rustic Wood Fired Ovens

You may be thinking that outdoor wood fired ovens are just too much hassle but really they are super easy to use. All you do is add some logs, light a fire and it is ready for cooking in about 45 minutes. Each oven has superior heat retention on the inside to cook your favorite meats, pizzas, breads and more, but remains cool to the touch on the outside. Internal temperatures will reach between 800 and 1,000 degrees with the outer shell remaining safe to the touch. No worries of a child or pet bumping into the unit.

Ready to go at Time of Delivery

These wood fired ovens have very minimal assembly required. The only thing you will have to do before use once the oven is delivered to you is place the wood fired oven unit onto the stand and cure the oven. Then you are ready to start cooking a large variety of tasty foods. The pre-assembled unit weighs 551 pounds so you will definitely need a hand lifting it onto the stand. Once it is placed on the stand it is a very safe and sturdy unit.

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