[Download the PDF](https://www.northlineexpress.com/media/pdf/blog/behind-the-scenes-at-breezesta.pdf)Video Highlights 0:08 Average Family Waste 0:20 Breezesta’s Recycling 0:27 Where the process begins 0:37 Type of recycled plastic Breezesta is made of 0:49 Breaking down and cleaning the recycled plastic 1:06 Sorting the plastic 1:16 Adding the colorants 1:34 Melting the plastic 1:50 Cutting of the poly lumber 2:03 Creating the Mortise and Tenon ends 2:11 Color matched Hardware

The average family throws away about 2 pounds of recycled plastic each day. Multiply this by 114,000,000 households in the United States and you will begin to realize how much recycled plastic could be heading into America’s landfills. Each day Breezesta rescues over 100,000 pounds of recyclable plastics before it can be buried in landfills. They take bails of recycled plastic, break them up, and send them to specialized optical scanners. Using light density, they identify and sort plastics by type. At Breezesta they make their furniture from high density polyethylene (HDPE). They harvest the HDPE for their furniture and repackage the other types of plastics so that they can be used in other types of manufacturing operations.

First, they take the now sorted HDPE bottles and grind them into small flakes. This helps to remove any debris and labels. The small flake size allows for thorough cleaning and drying of plastic using a variety of hot wash systems and specialized separators. Using a high speed system to identify colors they then sort the clean flakes into various colors. Then the clean, dry, and separated flakes are stored in silos. Auto loading tubes transfer pellets from the silos to the extrusion machines. They use state of the art computer monitoring to control the exact amount of colorants and UV protection to be added to the melted plastic to ensure a consistent beautiful hue and a stable non fading color.

Extruders melt the plastic and then force it through dies of specific shapes. At the end of the line the plastic lumber is cut to size and stored by size and color. The lumber is placed on vacuum tables and cut to shape and pre-drilled by computer guided machinery. Other specialized machinery is used to create the tenon ends that ensure stable furniture for years to come.
The specialized Trisban coated hardware is powder coated to match the color of the furniture that it belongs to. The furniture is then assembled so you can sit back and relax!

Breezesta helps to save the planet everyday by giving plastic a second life!! Learn more about Breezesta Patio Furniture and how you can help save the planet by enjoying your outdoor space!