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Put your Patio to Use During Early Spring Weeks

Spring is right around the corner, but who wants to wait that long to get outside and start enjoying their patio? NorthlineExpress has some heat sources that will make it more enjoyable for everyone to get outside and enjoy your patios without having to worry about what the temperatures will »

Portable Carports - A Great Solution For Lack Of Storage or Garage Space

[Download the PDF](https://www.northlineexpress.com/media/pdf/blog/benefits-of-portable-garages.pdf)Video Highlights 0:33 The Benefits 0:40 Portability 1:02 Simplicity of Design 1:26 Affordability 1:44 Weather Resistance Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express. Are you considering building a garage or just looking for »

Ethanol Fire Pits - A Great Alternative For A Small Deck Or Patio

[Download the PDF](https://www.northlineexpress.com/media/pdf/blog/Ethanol-Fire-pits.pdf)Video Highlights 0:12 Benefits of an Ethanol Fire pit 0:35 What Clean Burning Means 0:43 Environmentally Friendly Fuel 0:56 Elegant Presence 1:03 Advantages and Disadvantages Hi I am Melissa from Northline Express. To »

DynaTrap Christmas in July Promotion for NorthlineExpress.com

[Download the PDF](https://www.northlineexpress.com/media/pdf/blog/dynatrap-july-promo.pdf)Video Description 0:06 Christmas in July: Our gift to you 0:17 Why the free gift is valuable to you 0:32 DynaTraps effectiveness 0:46 DynaTrap is cost effective 0:56 How do DynaTraps work? Hi »

Shade Sails - Learn About the Top Four Benefits

[Download the PDF](https://www.northlineexpress.com/media/pdf/blog/top-4-benefits-of-shade-sails.pdf)Video Highlights 0:16 What Shade Sails are designed for 0:37 Protection from harmful UV rays 1:08 Designed to suit any applications 1:42 Cost Effective 1:58 Ventilation for extra cooling Do you have an »

The Pacific Living Pizza Oven Experience - Cooking Great Pizza at Home

[Download the PDF](https://www.northlineexpress.com/media/pdf/blog/Pacific-Living-430-SS-Pizza-Oven.pdf)Video Highlights 0:12 The Pacific Living 430 Stainless Steel Pizza Oven 0:24 What you can cook 0:38 Construction Materials and Features 1:03 What is included 1:24 The Burner and Ignition This great Pacific »

Breezesta Maintenance Free Patio Furniture Behind the Scenes

[Download the PDF](https://www.northlineexpress.com/media/pdf/blog/behind-the-scenes-at-breezesta.pdf)Video Highlights 0:08 Average Family Waste 0:20 Breezesta’s Recycling 0:27 Where the process begins 0:37 Type of recycled plastic Breezesta is made of 0:49 Breaking down and cleaning the recycled plastic 1: »