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Hi I am Melissa from Northline Express. To me an outdoor living area is just not complete without a fire pit, but I know that not everyone has a great big area where they can use the typical fire pits. This is where ethanol fire pits come in handy. There are numerous benefits of ethanol fire pits. The biggest benefit of having a fire pit that is fueled by ethanol is that they are very clean burning, in-fact they are the cleanest burning fuel available. They burn so clean because the ethanol fuel contains vast amounts of oxygen in its chemical composition.

Ethanol fueled fire pits are environmentally friendly and clean burning. What exactly do I mean when I say that they are clean burning? I mean that when the fuel is burned the only chemicals being produced are carbon dioxide and water, there are no other toxic elements produced to pollute the air.

It is also environmentally friendly in the fact that plants are used to make the fuel by fermentation, another natural process. When you burn the fuel it puts off carbon dioxide and water which plants need to grow! It’s a clean circle of energy!

Ethanol fire pits have a very elegant presence that compliments any setting and some can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. Just like all fire pits they still have advantages and disadvantages so let’s discuss those right now.

The advantages are:
– They burn very clean without smoke , smells, or toxins
– No special venting or gas lines required
– Can be moved around: most are made for both indoor and outdoor use.
– Easy to light
– No sparks, popping embers, or ash to clean up.
– Beautiful mood lighting.

Some of the disadvantages are:
– you cannot cook or roast marshmallow over the flame.
– It is hard to tell when the fuel is getting low.
– Produces less heat than alternate fuels like wood or gas.
– The fuel of ethanol fire pits is not delivered at pressure so the fire is inclined to get flattened or blown around
uncontrollably by the breeze. Most outdoor models have a glass shielding to resolve this problem.

When it comes to outdoor lighting I think that just a simple touch can really top it off and bring the whole place together. Ethanol fire places are perfect for mood lighting and are available in a variety of styles including freestanding, table top, and wall mounted. So try an ethanol fire place on your deck or patio, they are sure to surpass even the steepest expectations.

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