Spring is right around the corner, but who wants to wait that long to get outside and start enjoying their patio? NorthlineExpress has some heat sources that will make it more enjoyable for everyone to get outside and enjoy your patios without having to worry about what the temperatures will be.

Each of the following heat source options will allow you to get out on your patio sooner without having to wait for the cold weather to break. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Fire Pits

Black Outdoor Firebowl

There are many options available when adding a fire pit to your patio or outdoor living space. You have many styles to choose from such as traditional fire pits to fire pit tables and everything in between.

The fuel type is also going to be another choice for you make. The main fuel types are ethanol, natural gas, propane, or wood burning. For a greater heat source, a wood burning or gas fire pit is going to be the best fit.

Big Sky Fire Pit - Wildlife - Georgia Clay Color Propane Outdoor Firebowl with Tile Mantel

Obviously, if you do not already have gas lines running to your outdoor space, a natural gas fire pit will not be an option. Also, an ethanol fire pit will make only a small difference in the temperature of the outdoor space.

Patio Heaters

Endless Summer Patio Heater ES5000COMM Northgate Table Lamp Electric Heater

Patio heaters are a great way to warm up your outdoor entertaining area. Most patio heaters are portable and give off a good amount of heat. Just like with the fire pits, you have different styles and fuel types to choose from. There are table top models for small spaces or larger stand up models that will warm up a good size deck area. There are also wall mounting models for inside a garage or around the patio.

The most common fuel types for patio heaters are natural gas, propane, and electric. The propane patio heaters are going to be your most portable fuel source. Natural gas is going to require gas lines to be ran to your patio or outdoor living space and will require the patio heater to be stationary. Infrared or electric patio heaters are going to be very limited as far as placement is concerned because they will require being close to an electrical source.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Adding an outdoor fireplace is definitely more of a permanent option. They have to be built in and are not portable. However, you do still have fuel options. You can choose from either gas or wood fuel. One perk of an outdoor fireplace is that you will be able to design it to perfectly match the outside of your home or the décor of your patio.

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