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Hi I’m Melissa and it is Christmas in July here at Northline Express. Now through July 21st, with the purchase of a DynaTrap, we’re going to throw in a set of replacement bulbs absolutely FREE! That is really valuable to you because DynaTraps are more effective with the warmth that the UV bulbs put off. So if you bulbs were to go out you have an extra set on hand. You will not be losing the effectiveness of your trap while you wait for your new bulbs to arrive.

DynaTraps are a simple and effective solution to insect pests in your outdoor living space. They work without any type of bait or lure, which means they are more cost effective because you do not have to purchase extra accessories like bait or lure to attract the mosquitoes. In-fact they create their own bait (carbon dioxide) without the use of propane. Propane is another accessory that you do not have to buy with DynaTraps.

The way they work is quite simple. There are UV lights in the top of the units which create warmth and give off light to attract the flying insects. Inside the unit there is a tunnel, surrounding the fan that is coated in Titanium Dioxide. When the unit is operating the Titanium Dioxide coated tunnel produces carbon dioxide, which is irresistible to mosquitoes and other biting insects. Then the vacuum fan sucks the insects into the retaining cage where they are trapped and left to dehydrate and die.

DynaTrap mosquito Traps are simple solution to flying insect pests in your outdoor living space. What are you waiting for, this promotion is only good until July 21st and is just one of the reasons you should bring home a DynaTrap today from NorthlineExpress.

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