Installing a glass fireplace door is the most common thing that a fireplace owner will overlook. A glass fireplace door actually can make a big difference in how the fireplace operates. There are a few main benefits that installing a glass fireplace door will contribute to a fireplace. They will add protection for your family and home as well as increase energy efficiency.

Glass Fireplace Door Provides Safety

Let’s take a look at how a glass fireplace door can protect your family and home. When most people think about the dangers of a fireplace they often think about the worst case scenario which would be a raging house fire due to poor chimney maintenance, creosote build-up, or a poor chimney draft.

Chimney fires are a very real danger and treat but too often the less obvious threats like sparks or logs tumbling out of the fireplace are ignored. Without a glass fireplace door, sparks and cinders are free to float and pop from the fireplace and land on clothing, furniture or other home furnishings which can cause considerable damage to property that surrounds the fireplace.

Logs tumbling out of the fireplace can damage wood flooring, destroy carpeting, melt linoleum or even worse roll right into someone standing or sitting next to the fireplace. Fireplace glass doors have been proven to decrease the potential for injury to those you care about and also reduce the risk of damage to your home, by acting as a barrier keeping your fire inside the fireplace.

Add to the Fireplace’s Efficiency

Don’t forget about how a glass fireplace door can increase energy efficiency for a fireplace. An open fireplace is just like an open window. How much heat do you think is being wasted by escaping up your chimney? For an average home there is approx. 80% of the fireplace’s heat output going right up the chimney. Only roughly 20%, and that is on the high end, is warming you home.

When a glass fireplace door is closed during a burning fire it can more than triple the net heat released in your home because the glass panels radiate the heat out. When a fireplace is left open in the winter, the fireplace will allow warm air to escape up and out the chimney. In the summer cool air conditioned air is able to escape from the chimney as well. In both cases, a glass fireplace door could put a stop to it by acting as a barrier between your home and your chimney and minimizing the amount of air lost up the chimney which saves you money!

Elegantly Dress up the Fireplace

Then of course there are other benefits to installing a glass fireplace door like adding style and reducing hearth clean up. Fireplace doors can decrease or eliminate the need for sweeping up fallen debris, bark, and cinders as well as those nasty ash smudges left behind by floating ash. Containing those particles in the fireplace will stop them from making a mess elsewhere.

A glass fireplace door will also add to the appearance of your fireplace. How could it not? It will be the first thing that someone see so choose a glass fireplace door that will accentuate your fireplace to the fullest! Keep the focus of the room on your fireplace.

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