Want the beautiful flicker of a dancing fire but you don’t have a fireplace or the room to install one? This attractive and super chic, Metropolitan Anywhere Fireplace will give you the ambiance of a cozy fire in your small space. It’s sleek tempered glass front and back with the stainless steel fuel burner can be put on any steady surface like a table top, a stand, the floor, or inside a non-functioning fireplace to finally see the beautiful dancing flames of a fire where they belong.

Check out the Simplicity of the Metropolitan Ethanol Fireplace

The Metropolitan Anywhere flames from any angle. So you can put it virtually anywhere in the room and be able to enjoy the ambiance created by the real flames. The Metropolitan uses liquid bio-ethanol fuel and gives off no smoke, soot, or ash. No installation, and no electric or gas connection needed. Its relatively small size makes it suitable for placement in a large number of places and it is very easy to move from one place to another. Always make sure all flames are fully extinguished before moving.

The Metropolitan Fireplace is ready to go right out of the box all you have to do is add some fuel and light it. It is a very simple product that will give you the cozy feel of a glowing fire. They do not put out a whole lot of heat but you will feel a little difference in the room.

Follow these steps for using the Metropolitan Anywhere Fireplace:

  1. Carefully remove the fireplace from the packaging materials. Check the knobs on the front and back of the unit to make sure that they are snugly tightened down. But do not over tighten them.
  2. Locate the 2 damper plates. There is a knob on the bottom that you install them with the know facing down. So that way when they sit on the fireplace and are fully extended the knob will catch and the plates won’t slide out completely. Put both dampers in place.
  3. Now that you have done that the next step is going to be filling the reservoir with fuel. Make sure to use a liquid bio-ethanol fireplace fuel that is designed to be used with vent-less fireplaces only. This fireplace is not suitable for any other type of fuel. Use the included funnel to fill the reservoir to keep from spilling. You will notice inside the reservoir there is a white cotton fiber… Do Not Remove it! Once you have the funnel set in place you will fill the reservoir to about ¾ of the way full. The whole cotton like fiber is going to become very saturated.
  4. Once the reservoir is filled set the funnel and the fuel out of the way. It is not time to light the fireplace. Make sure that you are using a long match or a long handled lighter as it is not the fuel itself that lights it is the fumes. There can be a good size “poof” once it lights (as seen in the video).
  5. Now just sit back and enjoy the beautiful flickering flame that the Metropolitan Fireplace produces.

Learn more about the Metropolitan Fireplace or get your very own here!