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If you have ever attempted to split firewood with an ax I am sure that you are familiar with two very common scenarios; the blade sinking deeply into the wood and becoming stuck or the blade bouncing off the round that you are splitting and flying towards your legs. Both of these scenarios are very frustrating and tiring. I am a wood burner myself and I can tell you there have been many times that I have considered throwing the whole log with the ax stuck in it into the wood stove out of frustration.

I am Melissa from Northline Express and I would like to introduce you to a way that I discovered to split wood safely, easily, and without back strain, the Easy Split Wood Splitter. I gave a try after I determined that swinging an ax was not a safe or efficient method for me to split firewood. The Easy Split firewood splitting tool combines the “sledge and wedge” method of splitting wood all into one unit. It is completely portable and weighs only 12 pounds total, this tool is easy to hold yet packs a wallop!

After a bit of practice, the Easy Split is effective on small to medium size wood and larger pieces of already split firewood. It also works very well for splitting kindling. The Easy Split also includes everything you need to start splitting right out of the box without any assembly. It is easy to use as well; with one hand, hold the grip and place the splitting tip on the end of an upright log. Then while keeping a firm hold on the grip, toss the hammer in a downward motion and repeat.

It does take a bit of getting used to so I would like to share a couple tips that I have learned that helped make the Easy Split Wood Splitting tool even better.

Place the tip of the Easy Split in the cracks of the seasoned firewood this will give the tool a head start and make splitting faster. As is true with axes and mauls, some logs are too big to split in half. Rather than trying to split in the middle, start at the outside of the log and work around until the log is fireplace size. You can also keep your Easy Split tip sharper by placing a board under your log and easing up on the last stroke.

The Easy Split Wood Splitter takes a lot of the work out of splitting firewood without the the maintenance associated with electric or gas powered log splitters or the dangers of splitting an ax. It is another great product from Northline Express, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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