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Portable Garage or Carport

Building a garage is not always the most practical solution when extra space is required for storage. Garages are expensive to build and they are permanent. So, if you are a renter then building a garage is out of the question for you. Instead you need an inexpensive and portable storage solution. Take a look at the possibility of putting up a portable garage or car port.

Sizes, shapes, and styles of portable garages or carports are nearly endless, and you can easily protect anything. Yes, a stick built garage may be more sturdy and secure but a portable garage or carport also has many more benefits to offer. Whether you need a place to protect a vehicle or just some extra storage space, you really can benefit from a portable garage or carport.

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The most obvious benefit of a portable garage or car port is that they are portable. You cannot move or reposition your garage if you change your mind but you can with a portable garage or carport. Because a portable garage or carport is not a permanent structure you will be able to move it, lend it to a friend, or only have it up when you need it unlike a permanent structure. You can store vehicles, boats, ATVs and more out of the way during the winter months and then when the weather gets warmer move the portable garage or carport to a more convenient place for just for shelter.


The second most important benefit is the simplicity of the designs. If you are thinking about building a garage you better start thinking about rounding up a crew or a bunch of friends to help out with the labor. Not with the portable garages, they are easy to set up and take down. Some can even be set up with only one person. With a few tools and a sunny afternoon you could have a sturdy portable garage or carport set up and ready for use. Other than an anchoring system they do not require any drilling, digging, during set up. There is no other storage solution that is simpler than a portable garage or carport.


Let’s talk cost now. Obviously the portable garage is going to be way more cost effective than building a permanent garage. You can purchase a portable garage or carport anywhere from hundreds to thousands depending on the size and options you choose but I guarantee no matter which portable version you choose it would still cost you 10 times more to build a garage. Don’t worry about your portable garage not being as weather resistant: they come with heavy duty polyethylene tarps to repel water and UV rays which can damage the items that you are storing.

Storage can range from holiday decorations & lawn equipment to large RVs. There is a size and style that will suit pretty much every use you could think of. We all want to know that our items are protected while in storage but don’t overlook using a portable carport or garage just because they are not a stick built structure. They are the easy to assemble, portable, cost effective solution!!