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A Buyer's Guide for Purchasing a Portable Garage

The Many Portable Garage Choices I am sure that you are aware of the many uses that are possible with the purchase of portable garage after all if you didn’t you would not be considering purchasing one! However, what you may not be aware of are the many different »

Effective Storage Solutions with a Portable Garage or Carport

Download the PDF Portable Garage or Carport Building a garage is not always the most practical solution when extra space is required for storage. Garages are expensive to build and they are permanent. So, if you are a renter then building a garage is out of the question for you. »

Tips for Using a Shade Sources for your Events or Patio

Download the PDF Some events are more fun outside! True the planning can be a little trickier, when you consider the ever changing weather. Canopies and shade sails at outdoor events or locations can provide shade cover, cover from drizzles, aesthetic appeal, or a “marketplace” or festival look to your »

4 Reasons an Outdoor Patio Heater Will Benefit Your Deck or Patio

A nice outdoor space becomes an extension of your home or business, so why not enjoy it longer into the cooler months with the addition of an outdoor patio heater? Whether you are entertaining friends and family for a night on the patio or hosting an evening event at a »