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Are you getting low on fire starters? Now is the best time to stock up on nature’s best kindling! Loaded with organic resins that ignite instantly, fatwood firestarters burn with a hot, aromatic pine flame that makes it perfect kindling for wood fires, whether in the woodstove, hearth, or campsite.

I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress here with one more reason to stock up on fatwood firestarters; we have brought back tons of savings on fatwood!! From February 9th – January 13th use promo code FATWOOD to save even more on everyone’s favorite firestarter, Fatwood.

With this coupon code you gain access to special pricing for select fatwood quantities

  • 8LBS (5MM-FWB-08) with coupon would be $14.97
  • 10LBS (5UC-1710) with coupon would be $17.97
  • 15LBS (5UC-1571) with coupon would be $27.90

Fatwood Firestarters are ideal for any indoor or outdoor situation. You can use it to start your backyard grill or your indoor fireplace safely and easily, even when wet! There is no spilling, no odors, no chance of flare-up and no dangerous toxins to breath. So leave the kerosene-soaked products, the smelly fluids and the sawdust composites to the other guys. It is safe, clean, and Fatwood has an indefinite shelf-life. 100% all natural, Fatwood Fuirestarters are simply wood and the resin naturally found within that very tree, just as Mother Nature intended. It is also another great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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