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Hello I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress here wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and tell you about a great promotion that we have going on. When you checkout use promo code 2015VDAY to save $15 off your order of $175 or more. At NorthlineExpress we have many products that you are sure to fall in love with.

Show your woodstove some love with new accessories like a steamer, eco fan, or fire starters. Light up your hearth, the heart of your home, with beautiful fireplace candelabra. Show your wood burner some love with a new log splitter, or firewood rack. Even treat yourself to the gifts you really wanted with this offer.

Chocolates will melt and flowers die but products from NorthlineExpress are sure to always keep your home fires burning. So do not forget to use promo code 2015VDAY to save $15 on your Valentine’s Day order from This offer is valid for 24 hours on Valentine’s Day only. It is another great promotion from, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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