Video Highlights:
0:10 Finale: Accessorizing the Hearth Area and the Reveal
0:25 Log Rack
0:48 Tool Set
1:28 Candelabra
2:04 Fatwood/Kindling Holder
2:15 Fireplace Grate
2:46 Fireplace Gloves
2:59 Fireplace Rug
3:30 Firestarters, matches, and color cones

Hello I am Melissa from and I am here on site for a DIY fireplace revamp. It is a complete DIY experience with products from This is a 4 part video series and this is the fourth and final video where we will accessorize the hearth area and revealing the finished product.

We have picked some of our top fireplace accessories that will not only dress up the hearth area but serve a purpose for enjoying and using fireplace use as well. The first accessory that we added was a log rack we chose Pilgrim’s heavy-duty Firewood Holder. This hearth rack is constructed from solid square steel expertly welded for strength and durability. Firewood stacks vertically to provide maximum storage in a minimal amount of space. It also has a matte black finish which complimented the new doors helps to retain good looks, resisting rusting and scratching.

We also chose a tool set to add to the hearth area for use when tending fires. We chose the 5 Piece Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set from WoodEze. This handsome set offers a classic design and sturdy construction that will help keep the home owner’s hearth area in beautiful fashion for many years to come. It is made of heavy-duty wrought iron for strength and durability and has a powder-coat finish for lasting great looks. The set includes a brush, poker, tongs, shovel and tool stand. Stand measures 27″ high & tools measure 25″ long which is the perfect size tool length for this fireplace.

To dress up the mantle we added the Chain Link Fireplace Candelabra by Adams Company. The Chain Link candelabrum offers a nifty design that actually pivots, allowing you to choose the candle positioning and width that suits your needs. It adjusts, expanding from 19″ widths to 50″ widths and 11″ high. It has seven 4″ candle cups with pins, providing a secure base for pillar candles or ball candles and votives. It is a great way to add a dramatic effect to an ordinary evening! We added the candelabra as an accessory to dress up the mantle during the winter months while the fireplace is in use and to allow the fireplace to glow in the summer months when the fireplace will not be in use.

Next we added the Bear Fatwood holder from Dagan to the hearth area. This nature inspired fatwood holder is the perfect accessory to keep near the hearth to hold fatwood, kindling, or other fire starters in a decorative organized manner.

The home owner’s old fireplace grate was in need of being replaced in a bad way. So we brought in a 28” Lifetime Fireplace grate from Custom Firescreen. It is made of 1″ wide steel bars that create durable support for holding the wood and coals. This grate also has legs that measure 3 1/4″ to allow proper airflow for an even burn. This heavy-duty grate has a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer not to burn out. It will withstand intense heat and everyday usage and should be the last fireplace grate this fireplace will need.

We also included a pair of leather long arm ladies fireplace gloves. They are designed to fit a woman’s hand and are a great way to safely tend to your fire without burning your hands or arms. They have a 20″ length which also protects your arms.

Because this fireplace is going to be used and serve more than a decorative purpose we also chose a fireplace rug to adorn the hearth area. We used the Canyon Polyester 6′ half Round Hearth Rug in Crimson pop of color. With the highest melting point of synthetic fibers used in carpet today, Canyon Hearthrugs provide superior protection and maintain their vibrancy because they are colorfast and soil resistant. Constructed of 100% polyester, these rugs are made to last for years to come and that is why this was our hearth rug of choice.

To make sure that the home fires keep burning we also added Fatwood fire starters and long matches. We left a bag of color cones as well because they always make a fire magical with dancing colorful flames.

OK so enough talking, let’s see the final result! It is obvious that this fireplace is now one that will be the focal point for years to come in this home.

The reveal was a great success the homeowner was nearly in tears when we pulled back the curtains and showed her how we had brought her drab fireplace to fab with product from