Video Highlights:
0:11 Part 3 – Giving the Hearth Surface a Facelift
0:23 Cleaning the bricks
0:26 Paint-N-Peel Fireplace Cleaner
0:57 Updating the Fireplace Door
1:06 Celebrity Stock Fireplace Door
1:45 Replacing the Mantel
1:57 Shenandoah 60″ Distressed Medium Oak Fireplace Mantel Shelf
2:09 Installing the mantel shelf

Hello I am Melissa from and I am here on site for a DIY fireplace revamp. It is a complete DIY experience with products from This is a 4 part video series and this is the third video where we will be giving the hearth surface a facelift. This will be the part of the process that we are going to clean the brick hearth surface surrounding the fireplace, replace the old mantle, and replace the old fireplace door.

We started by cleaning the brick hearth surface surrounding the fireplace with an amazing product, Paint-N-Peel Fireplace Cleaner by Chimney RX. When it comes to how to use the product, the name says it all you literally paint it on and then peel it off. We began by taping off then thoroughly coating the masonry surface with the product, and leaving it to dry for 6 to 12 hours. Once it thoroughly dried, it became an elastic-type layer which we pulled back, taking with it the smoke, soot, creosote, and dirt stains that once coated the brick. It is also eco-friendly and free of toxic odors, which allowed us to give the brick a quick make-over without worrying about the quality of air in or out of your home.

After cleaning the brick it was time to get rid of the outdated fireplace door. The brass fireplace door was removed and replaced with a door that was much more up to date. We chose the Celebrity Fireplace door from Thermorite. This door was a stock size door so all we had to do was take the height and width measurements and select the door that the measurements fit with in. It also shipped quick we had the door here in 5 days! This door has a bottom air control and a hanging mesh curtain which are important features for a fireplace that will be used on a regular basis. One of the most dramatic differences with this door versus the old door is the view of the fire. The old door had a frame around each glass panel which really restricted the view of the fire. The celebrity door provides a full view of the fire!

Now all that was left is to do swap out the mantle. The only mantle was not broken it just did not have the look that we wanted which is often the case. We wanted to keep the shelf style mantle but were after more of a beam look so we chose the 60” Shenandoah distressed medium oak shelf mantle by pearl mantle. This mantle gave us the rustic beam look that we wanted. It also shipped quickly and was on the homeowners door step in under a week.

Installing the mantle was almost as easy as removing the old mantle. This mantle installs easily with a hanging board that you install first and then set the mantle into place. The mantle shelf had the option of being installed with corbels but we decided that the look we wanted was best achieved without the corbels. Honestly the hardest part about the installation was making sure the mantle was straight and centered so I let the boys handle that. In about an hour we had the new mantle installed.

The fireplace is really starting to come along I can not hardly wait to see the home owners reaction to the dramatic difference these hearth surface updates have made!! This leads us up to the fourth and final video in our series where we will accessorize the hearth area and reveal the new fireplace to the home owner! Keep watching to see how easy it is to bring an old fireplace from drab to fab with products from .