Having “all natural” solutions for everyday problems like cleaning, laundry, personal hygiene, and more has become important to more people every day.  Mosquito Control is not any different. After all, the products that are used for controlling mosquitoes come in contact with produce that you are growing in a garden, the furniture that you relax in the outdoors, and eventually they come in contact with you and your family members.

Mosquito Garlic Barrier will reduce the mosquito number while remaining safe for greens, edibles, and all other surfaces that you and your family will come into contact with.

Not only do the chemicals found in many of the mosquito control products pose a threat for you and your family but they also kill off many of the smaller living things that you do not want to be effected. Most chemicals are detrimental for the many species of birds, bees, lady bugs, and butterflies.  Not to mention your pets or small children will come in contact with the chemicals when playing in the area that you have sprayed.

All about the All-Natural Mosquito Garlic Barrier

Mosquito Garlic Barrier is an all-natural solution to get away from using repellents that contain all of those harmful chemicals. Just one application of the all-natural, liquid garlic-based All-Natural Mosquito Barrier will repel mosquitoes for up to a month’s time.

All-Natural Mosquito Garlic Barrier is a very strong liquid concentrate made from a very potent variety of garlic, which lab techs call “super garlic.”

Garlic contains sulfur which is what repels mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and much more. Mosquito Garlic Barrier is safe for use in areas that humans or pets traffic frequently, for use in ponds (even when fish are present), and also safe for applying to your foliage in gardens or flower beds.

The odor of the Mosquito Garlic Barrier is what will deter mosquitoes from entering the treated area. It will keep working for as long as the mosquitoes can sense the odor. When first applied the scent is going to be apparent to you but will begin to fade ultimately becoming undetectable to you in a matter of minutes.

However a mosquito’s sense of smell is approximately 10,000 times better than that of a human. So even though you are not able to smell of the garlic odor they can and they will avoid that area for up to a month or better.

Mosquito Garlic Barrier not only works on the blood sucking mosquitoes but it also works to repel other pests like geese, grasshoppers, ticks, fleas, gnats, chiggers, fire ants, and for the southern folks… armadillos. All of these animals can make being out doors an unpleasant experience so chase them away by using the Mosquito Barrier in your outdoors.

For many years, different Garlic remedies have also been used as an effective anti-fungal. Reducing fungal diseases could be an additional benefit of spraying your yard with the Mosquito Garlic Barrier. Put a stop to fungi that cause those unsightly brown spots in your beautiful green grass.