Need to get a jump start on your holiday shopping? Northline Express has you covered. We have a great list of Top Holiday Deals (including over 100 products!), which are sure to delight anyone.

Shopping for an avid DIYer, but not sure what to get? We carry tons of products that are both fun and functional to support their next project! Check out this reasonably priced and high quality Super Firewood Splitter, shown below. This firewood splitter allows for safe, effective wood splitting without all the strain - and it's rated 5/5 stars based on customer reviews!

Super Firewood Splitter
Super Firewood Splitter - If you are looking for the easiest and safest way to split wood, look no further than the Super Firewood Splitter. This product will revolutionize the way you split firewood by making it easier, safer, and most im - NorthlineExpr

Now that you gifted the gift of perfectly split firewood, it's time to put it to good use! The Looftlighter Flameless Firestarter provides the perfect burn in a fraction of the time. Just press the power button and this product will emit a red hot stream of air measuring in at 1256° Fahrenheit. This product eliminates the need to use lighter fluid or gas when lighting your fireplace or grill.

Looftlighter Flameless Firestarter
Looftlighter Flameless Firestarter -

A perfect gift for campers and outdoor enthusiasts is a Shasta Camping Stove. This portable wood stove works wonders for heating small to medium tents and enjoying an authentic camping experience. The wood stove comes with a removable round access plate and allows the user to cook and heat water. This product also includes a convenient carrying case, ash shelf, and a high-temp glove for easy handling.

The Shasta Camping Stove
The Shasta Camping Wood Stove - Military Style heating and cooking at an affordable price. Free Shipping at $50

Wood burning may cause the air in your home to become dry and irritating to the sinuses and skin. Northline Express has a solution! Check out our decorative Log Cabin Steamer, made of cast iron with a porcelain inner coating. Simply fill the steamer with water and heat it up - this will humidify the air and may help with dry skin, sinus headaches, and more. The log cabin design makes for a quaint and rustic decoration for any home or cabin.

Log Cabin Steamer
Log Cabin Steamer - Replacement HEPA Filter Ash Vacuum- Keep your fireplace clean with our ash vacuums,fireplace vaccums,ash containers,ash buckets, & accessoriess.-

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