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Traditions give us something to look forward to and when it comes to tradition there isn’t a day in the year filled with more traditions than Independence Day! The day is usually filled with activities from sun up to sun down including parades, cook outs, and firework shows. I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress here with some tips to make sure that your patio is ready for your Independence Day festivities.

Video Highlights: 0:21 Make sure your deck is clean 0:40 Provide for your hungry guests 0:56 Step up your 4th of July Menu 1:07 Include Shade and Mosquito Control 1:49 Ensure you have enough firewood 2:00 Hang your American Flag Proudly! 2:15 Independence Day Promotion

Make your Patio Presentable

The first thing that you will need to do in order to get your patio or deck prepared for your Independence Day party is to make sure that your area is presentable and clean for your guests. Using a pressure washer is a quick and easy way to make sure that you get all of the dirt and grime off your patio. It’s also a good way to clean up your patio furniture if it has been in storage for the cooler season.

Provide a Spectacular Menu

Your guests are going to be hungry to plan a menu in advance and check out your grill to make sure that it’s ready to go also. Clean your grates and check the gas lines to make sure that your grill is functioning properly and also check to make sure that you have propane or charcoal to fuel your grill. When planning your menu remember you do not have to be stuck serving boring old hotdogs and hamburgers if you do not want to, check out our Grilling Ideas that will Step Up your 4th of July Menu.

Create a Shady Place

If you are planning your Independence Day gathering to be an all-day event make sure that you have considered shade and mosquito control. If you do not have a permanent shade source consider adding a pop up canopy or shade sail to create a chill out zone so your guests can step out of the scorching sun. Keep unwanted party guests, like mosquitoes and other biting insects, away with mosquito repellents like Mosquito barrier that you spray your area with. You can also prevent mosquitoes from becoming a buzz kill by incorporating ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Lanterns or torches into your party decor. They will keep the mosquitoes away during the day and in the evening hours they also serve as patio lighting.

Light the Fire Pit

After the fireworks show tradition would have friends and family gathered around a fire pit enjoying s’mores and lighting up the night with sparklers. Make sure that you have plenty of firewood in your log rack to keep those fires burning. If you have a gas fire pit you can even adorn your fire pit with red white and blue fire pit glass to add to the patriotic theme.

Finally remember to hang the flag and take a moment to give thought to our freedom. From Everyone here at NorthlineExpress we wish you all a safe and happy Independence Day and encourage you to check out the many products that we have to offer that are proudly crafted right here in the U.S.A. We also want to offer you promo code 2015USA to shop USA made products and save $20 on your order of $299 or more!