Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress.com and I am here today to talk about Breezesta patio furniture and the Breezesta difference. Quality is hard to describe but I guarantee once you take a seat in any piece of Breezesta patio furniture you will instantly feel the difference.

This line of patio furniture offers quality workmanship and pays great attention to detail. It just feels sturdier, looks better, and is more comfortable overall that is because they really did cover everything from head to toe. Breezesta furniture is not made of any ol’ materials it is made of recycled materials. It is made of poly lumber that is made up of 100% recycled plastic. Breezesta is also a Green Company which means not only do they use recycled materials to make their products but they also have their own recycling plant to make the materials that they use. Actually I think that is really great. Especially when you think about this…each piece of Breezesta keeps approximately 400 milk jugs out of America’s landfills and when you consider the fact that each milk jug takes roughly 400-500 years to dissolve completely in a landfill that is really impressive. In fact I wish more companies were doing the same thing.

With Breezesta patio furniture you will notice a lot more stability than other poly patio furniture on the market. This is because other poly patio furniture’s construction is taking two pieces, butting them together and then relying on the hardware to hold the structural support of your unit. This is not true with Breezesta. They have adapted the Mortise and Tenon Construction. This type of construction is one that wood workers have used for years to build sturdy furniture. All it is is a slot in one piece and a joint on the other that allows the two pieces to interlock and fit tightly together. That is why Breezesta patio furniture never feels wiggly or feels like you need to tighten it up. They have hit every point there is to hit.

I am sure you have seen friends or family that got new patio furniture and your eyes are drawn away from the quality or beauty of the furniture to the stainless steel screw heads all over. No worries, Breezesta has even covered the hardware. Literally, all of the hardware is color matched for each piece of furniture that you are going to choose. While we are talking about the hardware, they even throw in the bit that you are going to need to put your patio furniture together.

Breezesta patio furniture’s color will not fade over time from being exposed to the elements. Each recycled milk just goes through a multi-step process first breaking it down into little flakes, washing them, adding a UV stabilizer and then forming them into small round pellets. Then at that stage they are washed again put into another machine to be formed into the poly lumber and this is where the color is added. The color runs through the whole piece of poly lumber so if you scratch the surface no worries. It will still remain the same color. No paint to chip off, no need to re-stain, and no fabric or plastic that will need to be replaced. Breezesta offers the largest array of colors in the poly patio furniture market. There are 20 vibrant colors to choose from and you can even mix & match those colors to represent your favorite sports team or school. There is no limit with Breezesta!

The best part of this patio furniture is it is made by a company that will stand behind the integrity of their product with a Lifetime Warranty. Every piece of Breezesta Patio Furniture comes with a Residential Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Breezesta’s Residential Lifetime Warranty covers against chipping, cracking, splintering, peeling, rotting, and pest infestation. Breezesta will replace or refund the original purchase price of the product should any of these defects occur. All Breezesta cushions are warranted for a period of one year against defects in material and workmanship.

Breezesta really is a leading company when it comes to the poly lumber industry. It is a beautiful product, well crafted, and comfortable. No other manufacturer is going to even come close. Here at NorthlineExpress we are proud to say that it is another great product that we offer. Don’t forget that NorthlineExpress is your one stop shop for all things patio and the home of the “Buy an Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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