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Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express. No matter the weather canopies are a great idea for all sorts of outdoor gatherings to help protect guests, equipment, and other belongings from the elements. Canopies can be broken into two categories based on durability: light weight and heavy duty canopies. These two types of canopies differ not only in the frame strength and thickness but the cover strength and thickness as well.

Light weight canopy tents are ideal for occasional use for a day or two at a time. They are usually constructed with an aluminum frame and weigh 40 lbs or less depending on the canopies size. These canopies are best for recreational use while tailgating, camping, enjoying backyard BBQs or family get-togethers. They are quickly assembled and usually require only 1-2 people to put it up. Light weight canopies are also inexpensive, store compact, and easy to transport.

Heavy-duty canopies can withstand the elements and stay erected for longer periods of time. This style of tent usually weighs over 40 pounds. They work best for unpredictable or harsh weather conditions. They can also serve as a long-term solution for shade or storage. They do cost more, but they also last much longer. Whatever the application, heavy-duty canopies fill most requirements.

Depending on weather and frequency of use, you should select the most appropriate canopy for their needs. If you want a canopy to use for shade while camping a light weight canopy will suffice, but if you’re looking for a canopy that you can store a car or boat year round you would be better off choosing a heavy duty canopy.

I hope that you have found this information helpful. Keep watching for the rest of our Canopy series! Next I will be talking about the bones of the canopy’s structure, the frame and the different materials you can choose from!

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