Do you wish you could put a barrier around your home and yard that would prevent the mosquitoes from getting in? I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and today I will tell you how with America’s premier mosquito repellent for grassy areas, yards, parks, athletic fields, golf courses, and more for the last 25 years; you can do just that.

This is Mosquito Barrier, a very strong liquid garlic concentrate made from potent garlic cloves. Mosquito Barrier works because garlic naturally contains sulfur which repels mosquitoes. Barrier is an all-natural three pronged attack against mosquitoes. It will kill adult mosquitoes because they are soft bodied insects. So with the garlic juice in high concentration it is very toxic to them. The barrier is also going to coat plants that you spray and help keep the mosquitoes away from the area. You can also use it mixed with canola oil to suffocate mosquito larvae in standing water and help eliminate your mosquito problem at the source.

Just one application of Mosquito Barrier is enough to keep mosquitoes out of your outdoor area 24 hours a day for nearly a month. Generally 4 applications will be enough for the entire mosquito season but that is going to vary by location and the amount of rain that you area receives. Unlike chemical mosquito repellents, Mosquito Barrier does not harm pets, plants, or humans but it does remain deadly to mosquitoes.

When applying the Mosquito Barrier you will notice a strong garlic scent but within minutes the scent will be undetectable by humans. But because mosquitoes can detect odor 10,000 times better than humans even when the garlic odor is undetectable by a human nose the mosquitoes will still notice it and will stay away for a month or longer.

At NorthlineExpress, Mosquito Barrier is a product that we all use and love. So we want to make sure that you all get to give it a try and experience the amazing results as well. From May 1st through May 15th when you purchase 4 quarts of Mosquito Barrier we are going to throw in a 5th one absolutely free. This free quart of Mosquito Barrier will only be found at, Home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee. So make sure you get your free quart of Mosquito Barrier while you still can.