Video Highlights:
0:17 Splitting you firewood
0:20 WoodEze Electric log splitters
0:36 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter
0:52 Size of logs to split
1:00 7-ton Electric log splitter
1:04 Size of logs capable of splitting
1:53 Able to use Indoor or outdoors
2:26 Lightweight
2:42 Gas powered log splitters – Dirty Hand Tools
2:59 Very Powerful
3:07 Tow behind your vehicle
3:24 Vertical or Horizontal splitting
3:39 Catch plate for log to rest on
3:59 Manual Hand splitters
4:18 How they work

Hi I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I know that with firewood it can be a really big chore. You have to split it, stack it, store it, and eventually you have to move it. I am going to take some time to show you some of my favorite products from NorthlineExpress that have helped me split, stack, store, and move my firewood.

Today I am going to start the series out with the first step; splitting your firewood. I have my two personal log splitters here to show you. These are the WoodEze 4 & 7 ton electric log splitters. I got mine a couple years ago so mine are yellow wand you may notice that they are now orange on the website. That is the only change there; they are now orange instead of yellow.

WoodEze Electric 4 ton Log Splitter: Do not let the size of this log splitter fool you it is a powerful splitter packed into a small package. I use this splitter for my medium and smaller sized logs. It works great for splitting up kindling as well. You are sure to get the job done quickly and easily with the WoodEze 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter! There is no noise or harsh fumes to deal with, so this log splitter can be used in the yard, in a shed, garage, or even in a basement. Two handed operation keeps your hands safe while operating. The left hand controls the hydraulic control lever, while the right hand controls the push button switch. The log splitter will freeze with the absence of either hand. Only after both hands release the controls will the log pusher start to return to the starting position. The dependable 15 Amp, 1.75 horsepower electric engine runs on regular household current and features a ground fault breaker that protects against overload. With 4 tons of splitting force, this unit will split logs up to 20″ long and 12″ in diameter. The all steel construction makes this splitter durable and tough allowing for years of dedicated service.

WoodEze 7 Ton Electric Splitter: This is the splitter that I use the most. It has yet to meet a log that it could not split. It even split oak sections that were about 24’’ in diameter with no trouble at all. The two-handed operation keeps your hands safe while operating. The left hand controls the hydraulic control lever, while the right hand controls the push button switch. The log splitter will freeze with the absence of either hand. Only after both hands release the controls will the log ram start to return to the starting position. This splitter provides a consistent, convenient, and secure cutting motion every time. The incredibly designed two speed motor provides 4 tons of force at a faster speed and 7 tons at a lower speed with the same single phase motor. The splitting force and speed are governed by the two-stage control lever. Push the lever in the first stage for faster speeds using less splitting force for usual logs or push the lever in the second stage for maximum splitting force at a lower speed to split particularly hard and seasoned logs. These stages can be shifted by simply raising and lowering a lever. This unit is also great because it can be used indoors or outdoors because it is electric which eliminates the harsh fumes.

Dirty Hand Tools Gas Log Splitters: Like all DHT tools, these log splitters are ready to go to work. They feature Kohler engines that produce adequate horsepower for vertical and horizontal wood splitting. These splitters also features a log catch plate standard and a 10.9 second cycle time for lightning fast splitting. The auto return and adjustable detent also come standard. They are great to take into the woods right to where you are cutting and split firewood as well. All dirty Hand Tool Splitters are road towable for easy mobility. Factory equipped with 2 in. coupler and safety chains.

E-Z Split Manual Log Splitter: After a bit of practice the Easy-Split is effective on small to medium size wood and larger pieces of already split firewood. It also works very well for splitting kindling. It also includes everything you need to start splitting right out of the box without any assembly. It is easy to use as well; with one hand, hold the grip and place the splitting tip on the end of an upright log. Then while keeping a firm hold on the grip, toss the hammer in a downward motion and repeat. Place the tip in the cracks of the seasoned firewood this will give the tool a head start and make splitting faster. As is true with axes and mauls, some logs are too big to split in half. Rather than trying to split in the middle, start at the outside of the log and work around until the log is fireplace size. You can also keep your tip sharper by placing a board under your log and easing up on the last stroke. The “Easy-Split” Wood Splitter takes a lot of the work out of splitting firewood without the maintenance associated with electric or gas powered log splitters or the dangers of splitting an ax.

Splitting firewood can be a chore but if you choose one of the top recommended firewood splitters from NorthlineExpress you can split firewood with ease! Keep watching our Split it, Stack It, Store It, Move it Series; next we will be covering the variety of Firewood racks that we have to offer to help you stack your firewood.

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