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Hi I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress, back with our Split it, Stack it, Store it, Move it series. Today I am going to be talking about stacking your firewood. The purpose of seasoning freshly cut wood is to remove the moisture for ease of burning. Well-stacked wood is attractive, but its real virtue is that it will be dry by the time you need it. Seasoned wood burns efficiently, does not require constant attention to stay lit, and creates less pollution in the form of smoke. A haphazard heap, on the other hand, won’t dry, will soak up rainwater, and eventually it will turn into a smelly, rotting mess.

There are a number of stacking strategies that put the combustion odds in your favor, the easiest being to use a log rack to keep your firewood neatly stacked. Using a log rack will keep your firewood raised off of the ground and stacked in a single row that will allow air to keep your firewood dry. Log racks range in size and style to suit any amount of firewood. Today I want to cover some of our top firewood racks that you can use to stack your seasons supply of firewood.

WoodEze Expandable Firewood Rack: The WoodEze Expandable Wood Rack is hands down the most durable log rack on the market today. Its quality, heavy-duty, 16 gauge metal tube construction and powder coat finish ensures the racks integrity and allows for a life time of dependable service. Fully assembled the WoodEze Expandable Wood Rack measures 4′ long and holds approximately 1/2 of a Face Cord of firewood. During those bitter winter months you do not want to take the chance or running out of firewood mid-season. The Expansion Kit offers peace of mind knowing you have enough firewood on hand to last throughout the season. You can add one or more 4′ Expansion Kits to your Expandable Wood Rack to suit your needs. The best part is you will save money because the cost will only total about half of what you would spend on an entirely new firewood rack. It is the only firewood rack that will grow as your firewood storage needs grow.

Hy-C Tubular firewood racks: The HY-C tubular Log Rack will keep your firewood high and dry. This easy-to-assemble storage rack is made of heavy 18-gauge, 1 1/4″ tubular steel with a durable polyurethane powder-coated gloss black finish. Neatly store your firewood off the ground and keep insects, termites, and rot away! The Hy-C rack helps firewood dry faster for safer burning. There are two versions available the 45’’ rack will hold approximately 1/2 face cord of wood. The 87’’ model will hold approximately 1 full face cord of wood. Both Firewood racks are also made right here in the United States.

Rustic Natural Cedar Firewood Racks: Add a touch of classic style to your hearth or outdoor space with our Rustic Natural Cedar Log Racks. These racks are made of northern white cedar, making them naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. These racks can be used indoors or outdoors and will stand up to the elements for years with beautiful style. When left as is, this rack will age to a silvery gray. If you choose, it can be stained or painted to match your decor as well. This firewood rack is also available in 2′, 3’, and 4′ widths.

Keep your firewood high and dry with one of our firewood racks. Whether you keep your firewood indoors or outdoors, we’ve got smart ways to keep your stack nice and neat. Keep watching our split it, stack it, store it, move it series; next we will be talking about storing your firewood.

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