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Ticks are a major pest and there are about 500,000 varieties of mites in the world. Ticks also exist just about anywhere – even at the South Pole or at the bottom of the ocean. While that’s a neat fact we mainly need to be concerned found on deep grasses and woods, but they also can be carried into your home and yard by pets and animals.

I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress and today I will cover how you can use all natural mosquito barrier to keep ticks out of your outdoor space! Both male and female ticks will attack mammals, frogs, snakes, deer, dogs, raccoons and people. They will jump on you if you sit near them or if you walk by tall plants or high grasses. Unlike other biting insects tick bites cannot be felt because they administer a small dose of natural anesthetic when they bite. Ticks are also carriers of diseases like Lyme disease so they pose health risks for you as well as your pets. I’m noticing each year that the ticks seem to be earlier and more abundant and that’s why I started using mosquito barrier to protect my outdoor space from ticks as well as mosquitoes.

If you are not familiar with mosquito barrier let me introduce you. It is simply super concentrated garlic juice. The garlic in this natural tick repellent will get into the tick’s system and will kill them (as it does in the case of young ticks) or it will make life so miserable for them that they leave the area altogether. Barrier is available in gallons and quarts. A quart will cover up to 1.25 acres and a gallon will cover up to 5 acres.

To use mosquito barrier to keep ticks away, mix 6 oz. of barrier for every 2 gallons of water. When applying, you need to spray grass and shrubs, under any porches and on any wood pile. In fact, it’s best to take your present wood pile apart and re-stack it in an areas that has been sprayed. Be sure to clean the old area where the wood pile was previously stacked.

Other ways that barrier has been used is to repel ticks and fleas from horses and cows using a 5% solution (6 ounces of our Mosquito Barrier into 1 gallon of water). Livestock owners had great success keeping the solution premixed and on hand in a pressure sprayer and applying it to their animals as needed.

Hikers and hunters have also mixed barrier 50/50 in a spray bottle and apply it to their feet ankles and legs to keep tick off when venturing in the woods. Keep in mind even with the barrier spray we I still recommend tucking your pants into your socks if you plan on spending time in the woods or tall grasses where ticks are meant to be.

If you’ve already seen ticks this year or you want to prevent a tick problem all together try mosquito barrier, it will keep your area free of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes for up to a month per application. Mosquito barrier is another great product from NorthlineExpress home of the buy and try satisfaction guarantee.