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With increasing utility bills, now is the right time to become more water efficient. Thinking more about the way we use water and reducing waste with a rainwater harvesting system, can help reduce water bills and help you save money. I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and today I will talk about 5 common chores that we all do that could done with recycled water!

Before I get start I would like to tell you on average how much water a person in the United States uses per day. Do you have any guesses? It is about 152 Gallons per day! This includes cooking, cleaning, washing, and flushing. About a third of this is actually wasted; it runs down drains or is flushed away without being used. The easiest method to capture rainwater is by diverting your home’s downspout into a barrel. So let’s talk about some common things we all do with water and could be doing with recycled water!

Watering the Garden using a Watering Can uses about 1.8 to 3 gallons per full can

Watering the Garden using a Hose uses up to 4 gallons per minute

Watering the Garden using a Sprinkler uses up 264 gallons per hour

Washing your Car using a Bucket uses approximately 4 gallons

Washing your Car using a Hose uses up to 140 gallons per hour

These are just a few chores that you can use recycled rain water for and save money, but the savings do not stop here. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council in a recent report, “Residents in eight cities around the U.S. could collectively trim up to $90 million a year off their water bills with simple rainwater collection techniques. “ They also reported that non-potable water, collected in rainwater basins, has the potential to replace nearly 80 percent of daily residential water usage (clothes washing, toilet flushing, and outdoor uses) that does not require drinking water.

Rainwater can be used for potable water (drinking, cooking, bathing) or no potable uses such as garden irrigation, livestock watering and more. Collecting and using rainwater has numerous benefits so what are you waiting for, start collecting and recycling your own rain water! Every little bit helps.

I hope that you found this information helpful. If you have questions about recycling rain water or rain barrels you can call our customer service department at 866-667-8454. At NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee, we are always happy to help.

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