The weather is warming up the birds are chirping, the temperatures are rising, and you are so happy the winter has ended and cannot wait to get outside! One thing that you may not think about until you hear that annoying buzz in your ear is that warm weather also brings the return of mosquito season.

The exact start of mosquito season will vary by locations because it is dependent on the temperatures and rainfall. Also some mosquito species have different life cycles; some emerge from hibernation while others will hatch from eggs laid last year. Even though the exact start of mosquito season varies and cannot be marked on a calendar it still is possible to have a rough estimate when your mosquito season will begin. Generally, mosquito activity will begin when the temperature reaches the 50° F level. Mosquitoes thrive in hot weather. As the temperature begins to rise, the mosquito volume will as well.

Though Mother Nature can be moody and we cannot control the temperatures and rainfall amounts we can still take action to discourage mosquitoes from breeding. It is actually quite simple; mosquitoes need water to breed, even if it is very small amounts, so if you eliminate standing water sources you are removing the mosquito breeding grounds. If you have landscape ponds or large areas of water that you do not or cannot remove you can still use mosquito control methods like dunks to create an environment with in the water source that will not allow the mosquito larvae to thrive.

So since the weather is getting nice and you are dying to get outside anyway, take a few minutes to be proactive with your mosquito control and remove all possible standing water sources and treat those that you want to keep or cannot remove. Trust us; you will be glad you did because mosquito season can really sneak up on you!

I hope that you have found this information helpful. If you still have questions about preparing for mosquito season you can call us at 866-667-8454. At NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee, we are always happy to help.

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