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Hi I’m Melissa from Northline Express. Here to talk to you about Step 3 in our 4 step process to Ultimate Mosquito Control. Now by this point you should have already found, and either treated or eliminated your mosquito breeding grounds and you should have placed your mosquito trap or traps around the perimeter of your property or outdoor living space.

If you’ve done all of that, then you’re ready for step 3! Step 3 in our mosquito control process is to use a backyard mister or mosquito misting system. These systems are meant to repel and kill any mosquitoes that may have made it past steps 1 and 2, and are still active in your outdoor living space.

Now step 2 in the mosquito control process is ultimately a more permanent mosquito control solution because it is actually going to interrupt that breeding cycle. However, from the time you set up your mosquito trap to the time you are going to start to notice that decline in the mosquito population is about four to six weeks. That is why we recommend the misting systems for step 3. While you are implementing your step 2 in the mosquito control solution, you are going to need something to help you out along the way. It is also great to keep around and catch any strays that may wander into your outdoor living space.

This is our Terminex All Clear Backyard Mosquito Mister and it is a great way to provide 2,000 square feet of mosquito free area. It is also great for those of you who love to entertain. A misting system is the perfect solution when you’re going to have outdoor activities such as weddings, graduation parties, or just outdoor family gatherings.

It is really a simple product to use. You are simply going to fill the unit with water and add your concentrate. Even though the concentrates have to be purchased separately, it is quite a bonus to you. This means you get to choose whether you want to use a pesticide to repel and kill mosquitoes or if you want to go the all-natural route and make sure your family, pets, and children are going to be mosquito free as well as chemical and pesticide free.

The unit is required to be plugged in and it comes with a 30 foot cord. So you will want to keep this in mind when you are considering placement around your property. You will still be able to put it pretty much wherever you need to use it but it may need to be used with an extension cord.

There is a little bit of thought that needs to go into placement of the unit and that is because of the wind. The way this mister works is it is going to use the concentrate in a misting action and it is going to kill or repel any mosquitoes. The direction of the wind will determine where you will need to place the unit for it to effectively treat the desired area. If the wind is blowing in the opposite direction of where you want it to spray you will want to relocate the mister. So what you need to do is take a little time and figure out the direction of the wind.

Normally there are three main types of wind conditions that you may be experiencing and that could be a single directional wind where it’s coming from one direction, then there’s a multi-directional wind which is what I’m thinking we’re feeling here today where you know it is windy but it is never consistently coming from the same direction, and then there is an idle wind which is where there is really not much of a breeze at all and if there is one it is not very significant. So depending on which type of breeze or wind direction you are experiencing you will need to consider that when placing your mosquito mister so that you are actually treating the area that you want to treat.

It is a vital step in our 4 step process to make sure steps 1 and 2 implemented and use step 3 to help repel any mosquitoes that might make it past the previous steps. Having a misting system is great because it is a portable system that you can take with you outside of your 4 step covered mosquito free zone.

So using a backyard mister either with the natural concentrate or the synergized concentrate is going to provide you up to a 2,000 square feet mosquito free zone. It will also be able to eliminate approximately 90% of your mosquito population for up to six hours. It doesn’t get much better than that, especially when you’re using this backyard mister in conjunction with our four step mosquito control process.

I hope you found this information helpful and remember check out our final step the fourth step in our four step process to ultimate mosquito control in our next video.

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