Video Highlights:
1:08 Rutland Safe Lite Fire Starters
1:40 Fatwood Fire Starters
1:56 Super Cedar Fire Starters
2:28 Wet Fire Starter Test
2:57 Fatwood Water Test
3:20 Safe Lite Water Test
4:31 Super Cedar Water Test

If you have used a wood stove or fireplace then you most likely already know that getting the fire started can be a bit more difficult than just laying wood on the grate. It seems silly but starting a wood fire can actually be tricky at times! I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I have spent too much time struggling to get a fire started in my wood stove because I ran out of fire starters. My most recent experience was just this fall as it’s chilling off quickly here in Michigan. I got home from work and thought that it would be nice to stoke up the stove and give the heater a break, an easy enough task until I reached for my box of fire starters and it was empty. I gave it my very best attempt I even tried out some DIY fire starter ideas that involved things that I could find in my home like dryer lint, toilet paper rolls, and good old newspaper. They all burned but not nearly as well or as long as the fire starters that I am used to. It is much more convenient to come home add wood lite a couple fire starters and watch the fire take off. I did eventually get the fire started but it took much longer than it should have, I was very frustrated, and I smelled like I had been sitting by a bonfire. So that is why today I would like to give you a friendly reminder to stock up on fire starters before you end up in a similar situation. Today I have some of our top rated fire starters to introduce.

I will start with Rutland Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares. If you ask my personal opinion these are the best way to start your next fire, regardless of where that might be! These are the only fire starters that I use. Each square will burn 8-12 minutes even when wet. Fire Starter Squares are made of recycled wood chips and wax so there is no flare up and they will not flavor food. Keep these in your home year round and enjoy the ease of using them for every fire-starting occasion. They work great for fireplaces, wood stoves, coal stoves, camp fires, fire pits, grills, and smokers.

Next is Fatwood, which is often referred to as nature’s best kindling wood. Fatwood comes from the stump of the tree, which is filled with flammable tree resin, making it 100% all-natural. A little fatwood goes a long way; it only takes two sticks to start a roaring fire.

Let’s move on to Super Cedar fire starters. Super Cedar Fire starters are a 4″ x 1″ disk made from cedar sawdust and highly refined wax. They leave no residues or toxic chemicals behind. Simply light the edge with a match and each starter will burn for 20-30 minutes with about a with a 12″ flame. One starter can be broken apart to start multiple fires! Super Cedar Fire starters even burn when soaked in water!

So do not be caught struggling to get your fire started, get a roaring fire started with your favorite fire starters. From Super Fatwood kindling to dynamite fire starters, you will find everything to build a perfect fire right here at NorthlineExpress, Home of the “Buy and Try” Satisfaction Guarantee!

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