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How a Chimney Cap Will Benefit You This Heating Season

Chimney caps are placed on the exterior of your home, on top of the chimney flue outlet. Our chimney caps are high quality, durably made, and will last you many years without needing replaced. Learn more about the benefits of a chimney cap. »

5 Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill

Northline Express wants to show you 5 ways to save on your heating bill this winter and for many winters to come. Wood Stoves are a great investment that will provide warmth for your family, while dramatically reducing home heating costs. When purchasing a new wood stove, always keep in »

How a Chimney Cap Protects Masonry Chimneys from Potential Damages

Download the PDF A chimney cap plays important roles in the health of your home’s masonry chimney. Many homeowners’ do not realize the importance of a chimney cap. Some just think that a chimney cap is for the aesthetic appeal of a masonry chimney. This could not be further »

Cap Off Your Chimney With a Chimney Cover From Hy-C Company

Video Highlights: 0:08 Prevention 0:47 Hy-C Chimney Caps Family Owned Company 1:12 Chimney caps produced 1:35 Why we recommend Hy-C 1:50 Construction Materials 2:20 Durable Product Chimney caps are an inexpensive and a minor installation which often leaves home owners wondering if they really »