Video Highlights: 0:07 The Original Grate Heater 0:24 Efficiency 0:25 Heat Output 0:29 The Heat Activated Blower 0:46 Unit needs to be plugged in while burning 1:00 The Quiet Blower 1:19 Controlling the heat output 1:34 Versatility 2:03 Easy to install 2:11 Additional Features 2:22 Durable Construction 2:39 Electric Components and Warranties

The Original GRATE HEATER lets you keep the beauty of your fireplace while converting it into an effective (and efficient) heater. This fireplace heater is as hard working as it is practical. It is also an easy way to quit sending all that heat up the chimney when you could be sending it into your home and help control your rising energy costs.

The Original Grate Heater is efficient. The Grate Heater adds up to 40,000 BTUs of heating to your home every hour. The blower is heat activated, turning on at 110° and turning back on at 90°. Its unique air-flow design provides rapid heat circulation throughout your home. There is no time limit to how long you run the unit. The unit must always be plugged in and able to run to cool itself while you are burning. But don’t worry, It is quiet. A 100 CFM heat-activated blower will not drown out normal conversation. With the rheostat speed control on low, you can hardly hear it. Will your fireplace room be too hot? Perhaps, but isn’t that a nice problem to have? You can control the heat many ways:

Use the blower speed control (rheostat) on the Grate Heater to lower the heat output.

Use less wood.

Open an outside window or door to let in some cool, fresh air.

Put on shorts and a tank top and pretend it is August, even though it is really January.

The Original Grate Heater versatile. The insert can be used with just about any set of glass doors, even those already in place, if the doors are not already at their height tolerance. Maximum efficiency is obtained with doors closed, yet doors are not required, so you can enjoy the open fireplace experience. It can even be used in a two-sided see-through fireplace.

It’s in obtrusive and retains the natural beauty of your fireplace by concealing the blower. Both the fan and the grate are air-cooled to ensure long life.

The Original Grate Heater easy to install. Simply place the unit in the fireplace and plug it in. The unit has an 8ft power cord. (Motors and cords are available on the right side or left side.)

The Original Grate Heater durable. This heater is made of heavy 12-gauge steel for long life. All electrical components are UL approved and carry a one-year warranty. The grate itself is warranted for three years! Try The Original Grate Heater in your own home. If you aren’t satisfied with its performance, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund minus the original shipping cost. It is another great product from

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