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How wonderful it is to have the warm weather return! But there are three annoying insect pests that often can make the summer less than enjoyable such as ticks. We have heard a lot of complaints about the ticks this season being bad. It is easy to assume that because we had such a cold winter that bugs would not be a big issue this season. WRONG! So why are the ticks so bad this year and what can you do about them?

The heavy tick population this season can actually be tied to the long winter! Ticks live and breed in soil deep enough that they are not affected by the abnormally cold winter. The longer winter actually provided the ticks more time to breed! To sum it up 2014 will be a bad year for ticks, as some of you may already be well aware of! NO NEED TO PANIC!!

Happily, I have a great organic solution that you can use to help eradicate the tick problem. Mosquito barrier, which is 100% concentrated garlic juice. Garlic repellent sprays are the key to organic control of the 3 main outdoor insect pests; fleas, ticks, & mosquitoes. Garlic repels rather than kills insects, so it is important to apply it before they have taken up residence, if possible. But it still works just as well if you have existing ticks in your area!

Everything you need to do to control pests on your pet this year falls into these three easy-to-remember categories! Keep your pet pest-free, Keep your home pest-free, and Keep your yard pest-free. The best place to start to cover all three categories is to keep your yard pest free!! And that’s exactly what mosquito barrier will do for you. You can spray poisons in your yard but more ticks will find their way into your yard and this cycle will keep repeating itself.

Ticks do not like garlic – that’s why you won’t find any in a garlic field. They cannot tolerate garlic. Garlic barrier is easy to use and is applied by mixing the concentrate with water in a pressure sprayer. A typical formula for a 2 gallon canister sprayer is to mix 6 ounces of Mosquito Barrier into 2 gallons of water. After your first application it is recommended that you spray your yard again within a weeks time. Thereafter, you can spray every 3 weeks during tick season. You need to spray grass and shrubs, under any porches and on any wood piles. In fact, it’s best to take your present wood pile apart and re-stack it in an area that has been treated. Be sure to clean the area where the wood pile was previously stacked. In addition to keeping your grass cut short and tall weeds out of your yard, using mosquito barrier will provide you effective tick control all season long!

I highly recommend barrier to anyone with a tick, flea, or mosquito problem! I went from picking ticks off my Pomeranians after each outing to no ticks at all after spraying barrier! Plus it keeps the mosquitoes at bay as well which is another added bonus!! We know it’s going to be a BAD year for ticks so be proactive and protect yourself, your children, and your pets from the health concerns associated with ticks by using Mosquito barrier.

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